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Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Darkest Whisper (Lords of the Underworld #4) [Sabin & Gwen] by Gena Showalter

Another great book in the Lords of the Underworld series. These books just grow on me as I continue to read. I love the setting and the Lords, I loved that the Hunters are the way they are sorta like the religious fanatic kind who fail to see their own faults and the fact they choose to believe whatever they are taught to believe. Galen did a beautiful job there. I wonder how he can manipulate them to thinking he's an angel and not possessed by a demon. Doesn't he have the tattoo like the rest of them? 

This is the story of Sabin possessed by the Demon of Distrust , the most fierce fighter of the Lords, the one who took upon himself (and any who would and did follow him) to destroy the hunters for good. years and years have past and still this is the only reason he finds to living - killing, destroying his enemy. The enemy who took loved ones from him.

Then he meets Gwen for the first time - locked up by the Hunters in a cell while trying to get her weak enough so she could be used for their devious cause. Gwen despise the Hunters but she is no warrior, never have been, unlike her sisters. She is a "good" Harpy or should I write the worst Harpy ever since she dislike her Harpy side and can't control it whenever she gets pissed off and the Harpy takes charge.

At first all Sabin sees is a pure hot weapon to be used in the war against the Hunters. He wants to train Gwen so she would help him on his cause (naturally she would want to avenge her captors). But as they spend more time together he starts to realize his desire for her is much more than the physical one and the way he would do anything to protect her makes it hard on him to even consider using her as a weapon where she could get hurt. Especially since the Hunters want her back and their means of war becomes more and more crazed but mostly organized and specific against the Lords. 

Gwen on her side finds it hard to trust Sabin (she doubts herself enough even without his Distrust Demon poking in her brain making it worst) She is so attracted to him, so comforted by his touch but on the same time she really doesn't think she could be this fighter he things she could be. When he brings her to his home in Budapest she agrees only if she can call her Harpy sisters and make them stay with her. Her sisters are the most important thing in the world for her but she fears she would disappoint them by being her scared self and not really knowing how to control her Harpy or being the fierce warrior they are. Her sisters are great fun (and wasn't surprising Anya loves them as well :))and hopefully they would continue to be in the next books. We also get to know about the Harpy's ways which are a bit strange and learn that they are not the trusting kinda type which doesn't help Gwen to trust Sabin more (though she truly wants to). 

I was truly going to give this one 5 starts since I REALLY enjoyed it. then came the last chapter and I just got upset :/ I won't write what annoyed me because that would be a HUGE spoiler. I'll just say that I understand the need to "drag" the battle between the Hunters and the Lords but I do think more could have been done to help the Lord's cause. 

Besides that I LOVED this book. Gwen is simply a pleasure with her sweet self on the one side and her crazy possessive Harpy on the other :D I loved how the both of them can be bat shit crazy about each other but also fierce in anything they'd do to protect each other. Sabin is so amazingly fierce (yeah, I'm using this word too much because I can find no other to describe just how powerful, possessive, aggressive a warrior he is). I wasn't sure what I would feel about him since he can be annoying in the way he would do and risk anything to get the Hunters down but from the next books you can be sure he won't be THAT obsessive about taking down the Hunters. he's a mated Immortal now, mated to a Harpy who will happily aid him in their war, but he has someone in his life he values more than the need to kill so we'll see a different side to him. 

We got a little more of Paris difficulties. I truly feel sorry for him and can't wait for him to be reunited with Sienna (which will suppose to happen in book #9!!! poor thing..). we get to hear a little more of Aeron who is followed by an invisible being which makes Legion very pissed off and naturally VERY possessive (can't wait for the next book about him!). For the first time we have Gideon's POV which isn't as care free as you'd think/ He is more at peace with himself than some of the other Lords which is a nice change (they can't ALL hate themselves..). I guess we'll get more glimpses of what to come with him in the next book since the one after Aeron is his book. We also have more of Torin's POV and learn what's the deal between him and Cameo not to mention a new and really surprising interest. and last but not least we actually hear Amun's voice! 

This book was less action in my eyes then the other since most of it was Gwen and Sabin and what happens between them. We had the ending's action naturally but there wasn't the "usual" hunt for the artifact. So if you're waiting for the Lords to obtain another artifact getting them closer to Pandora's box you are in for a disappointment. In my eyes it's not a bad thing since we get to learn a lot more of the Hunter's schemes and had more time to get to know the Lords. I do think I feel quite comfortable with them and who is who :)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 414 pages, 17-21 December 2013 / On GoodReads

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