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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Darkest Passion (Lords of the Underworld #5) [Aeron & Olivia] by Gena Showalter

This is the 5th book in the Lords of the Underworld series this one telling the story of the tattooed Aeron keeper of Wrath and Olivia the [Fallen] Angel. 

Aeron has always been the guy who saves others, taking care of others, he was never one to show his feelings or his weaknesses. So when Olivia first "appears" meaning, when her presence is known to him he does his best to threaten her since her presence inflict pain upon Legion the she-demon who followed him when he was chained near hell and has become not only his comfort but he also considers her family, like the daughter he never had (and will never have).

Olivia was a Joy Bringing Angel, she loved her job and wasn't that excited to find out that she was "upgraded" to a Warrior Angel (by the request of her mentor Lasyter whom we met on the previous Novella - The Darkest Angel). Her first mission as a Warrior Angel is to kill Aeron who broke the law by freeing Legion from hell. he didn't know he did that but as it seems they formed a bond between them enabling her to free hell and be wherever he is. Olivia has been intrigued by the Lords of the Underworld which is why she was given this task, but she cannot do it since ever since she started following Aeron she felt connected to him and didn't want to do him any harm (translation - she fell deeply in love with him but at that point she wouldn't have admited it).

Since she refused to kill him she was cast down from heaven into hell, her wings got torn by demons (who also tortured her for a while) until she dug herself out and presented herself to Aeron who didn't know what to do with her - besides telling her (again and again and again) GO. He can't bring himself to getting attached to her. what more Lasyter (which turns out to be the biggest jerk on the series - yes, including Galen - at least he is true to himself, who he is, what he wants for himself and for others) makes a deal with him that he will show Olivia that being mortal is not worth it so she will return to Heaven and for that "help" he would petition the council to bargain for his live. Not that I believed one word that ass of Lasyter told Aeron.. 

Little by little Aeron falls for Olivia and she is lost in her obsession to have him which at times I found pathetic..  there is a thin line between being a strong woman who knows what or who she wants and willing to do what needs to be done to get him and a pathetic woman who embarrasses herself so the guy will notice her.. in my mind Olivia crossed that line.. I really didn't see what he found in her.. and what she found for him might have been worth it.. but that's no excuse because by then he already fell in love with her (I'm not writing what it is since it will be a HUGE spoiler, just saying she does him and the guys a bit "favor").

To top all this mess Legion does a REALLY stupid pact with the devil which shows two things: (1) she is dumb. SO unbelievably dumb! (2) She doesn't care about anyone except for herself (yes, that means she cares little for Aeron, at least that's how I see it). The whole deal is SO off I don't know what she thought and she behave litteraly like a child - like Aeron sees her. It's amazing she doesn't give a shit about his friends which he valued highly - he would gladly die for them and she would gladly kill them if they got in her way. I used to like her, I did, but in this book every scene she was on I just wishes someone would take her head off.. that not to mention the stupid thing she did near the end when she decided to help Aeron (for ONCE in her miserable life) and what she did was.. I have no words. NO WORDS.

This book gets 4 stars because I LOVE AERON and just feel sorry for him the women he is surrounded by. It was really sweet the meeting he had in the last chapter of the book. It brought a sort of sad smile to my face and I was sorry there wasn't another chapter (or an epilogue) showing what happens next. I have the next book waiting for me but if I wouldn't have I think I would have been a bit bummed that this is the way it ends. 

We have a sub plot with Strider who I think we haven't had as a POV before and if we did it was a small part, here we see him a bit more and have a really nice story of him and a guy named Dominic. I loved how it ended.

We get a "reunion" between Scarlet the keeper of Nightmare and Gideon. In the previous book he wishes he would have meet someone possessed by Nightmares and here we are - he actually meets her! But the little she agrees to tell him drops him from his feet. Next book will be his so I'm really looking forward to learning about the two of them. 

In the end of the book there is a reference to Sienna, the woman Paris is obsessed about. I wonder if we'll get to meet her again before his book or not. It was kinda strange actually. wasn't sure if I got why what happened needed to happen that way...

Also we get another artifact.Bringing us closer to finding the box and we also learned more about what can be done with it (for the better and for worse).

All in all it was an OK book in the series. I already love the warriors and their women and love the setting. I think we had the action we needed and more about the stupid obsessive hunters, more about the Titan and Galen, but the main romance between Aeron and Olivia, paired with Legion? so and so.

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 443 pages, 22-24 December 2013 / On GoodReads

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