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Friday, December 27, 2013

The Darkest Lie (Lords of the Underworld #6) [Gideon & Scarlet] by Gena Showalter

OK, wow! after the previous book I was really hoping it's not a beginning of a downfall, also considering each book is longer then the previous. This book was pretty long! but I read it in less than three days. It was packed with a lot of action and sub plots. 

Main plot is Gideon, keeper of Lies finds he can't keep himself apart from Scarlet, Keeper of Nightmares, the one he wished (in the previous book) he could meet (even though he didn't know she actually existed..) and after she is captured by the Lords he is surprised that as it seems she is his long lost wife. The one he didn't know he had or couldn't even recall meeting.. Though looking at her the first time he is shocked that her eyes and lips had haunted him for years and so he tattooed them on his body, as well as the same tattoo she has on her lower back saying "To part is to die" surrounded by (feminine :P) flowers. Why can't he remember her? being with her? marring her? he is determined to question her until he receives his answers (prepare for a little bit of a mind fuck about that :)). 
 Scarlet surely remembers Gideon, not the demon possessed one, but the warrior she met when she was a permanent resident of Tartarus Prison where she was born and raised by Rhea (Cronus's wife who betrayed him with a human thus giving birth to the half human half god - Scarlet). At first her mother took care of her, but as she grew up and became a sort of threat (at least in the eyes of Rhea) she started mistreating her. Her only resolve was Gideon who kept coming to see her and spend more and more time with her. On a forbidden night they even got secretly married. But then one day Gideon stopped coming to see her. Shorty after that she was a bit ocupied with dealing with the new demon of Nightmares she was pared with but when she finally came to her senses she realized her Gideon must have been killed. So when she found out he isn't (after escaping Tartarus when the Titans become rulers) she seeks to confront him for all the pain she has been through.

There's quite a tale and a lot of romance between them. Gideon knows he wants her even though he doesn't remember her and his demon is obsessed with her. Scarlet doesn't know what to do with her feelings for Gideon, she cares about him but knows she have been hurt enough by him therefor she doesn't want to trust him (again..) but maddening enough HER demon also is obsessed with Gideon and making it hard for her to keep denying him (when she is also struggling with her inner self not just inner demon..)  I love Scarlet and love Gideon with his obsession to Blue (same here :P) and his impossible Gideon speech. I actually feel sorry for Gena for having to write his speech :D somewhere a long the end Cronus asks him how his friends manage to handle him hehe

I think Scarlet is a great combination of a real fighter, like Anya. She won't be captured, she will do what she wants, she will inflict pain on whoever done her wrong. But unlike Anya she is very insecure about herself. She never had real friends or family and it's hard for her to believe and trust Gideon.

Trying not to spoiler I loved both the demon of Lies and of Nightmares and how they played their part in the story. also both of them discover a cool power no one knew they could have and also we discover something historically funny! 

A little about the sub plots - 

We have a small POV of Sienna and how she deals with the demon of Wrath. I still wonder when we'll have more of her and what will happen in the next 2 books with her until we get her and Paris's book (#9). Interesting paring - practically a librarian knowing nothing of battle pared with Wrath who punishes the inflicting of wrongs. How will she fight them exactly? scold them? hehe

There's also the POV of Strider which I'm also waiting to read. He has a very interesting encounter which is going to somehow be connected to the next book (of Amun).  He played quite the dirty game considering the new knowledge the Lords have of the god's situation and the way it influences the Lords and the Hunter's war. 

Third and final subplot is of Aeron marching down to Hell with William and Amun to retrieve Legion who is being tortured there. After how Legion played out in the previous book I wasn't really interested in that one in particular though I'm really interested about Amun (we learn a bit more about him and his demon - Secrets) and William which is always a pleasure to read - I'm SO interested to know what will happen between him and Gilly. On the previous book we saw she has a crush on him and he tries he's best to stay away from her but he also vows to hurt her family for what they did to her. The care free womanizer William wouldn't make such a vow for anyone..

As it seems we have most of the Lord's books written except for Tarin (which will be released on 2014) and Camio. I wonder if William will get a book as well. and OH!!! the dar(k)ling Lucifer spurts out something about William worth thinking about since all we know about him is he's an Immortal who loves to fuck... but "who is he" remains a mystery.. I do hope on Amun's book we'll get more of him, GIlly and her parents lifeless and bleeding bodies ~robing my hands together~


Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 446 pages, 25-27 December 2013 / On GoodReads

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