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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sam Cruz's Infallible Guide to Getting Girls by Tellulah Darling

I SO wanted to love this book! but apparently it was a sort of disappointment. It's not that it wasn't good - This one is fun and funny, easy going and flowing book I finished in one day - It's just I'm thinking I'm not the right "crowd". I'll admit I'm "so and so" with YA books. In general I'm not very appreciative of teen ages.. So I guess I'm saying "It's me, not him (=the book)" ;) 

Ally is a "one guy" kind of guy, she and Jeremy have been a couple for 2 years until he dumped her. Feeling hurt and betrayed she turns to her best friend since they were toddlers - Sam. Sam, unlike Ally, doesn't stick around more than 1 minute after he sleeps with a girl. Speaking to a girl? only something casual that can lead to sex. Ally wants Sam to teach her to be like him - to control the situation and make sure she is not the one getting hurt. For Sam it was a disaster from step 1 - the makeover - since the minute he sees her in something that doesn't look like she's wearing a sack over her - to his horror - he is SO VERY attracted to her. After that he is surprised to know she is actually good at this - so good she doesn't stick around more than 1 minute after THEY sleep together.. and he is left very confused.. I guess you can understand where this is going :) 

So what's was my problem with this book? Firstly, I didn't get a lot of Sam and Ally's personal jokes... they speak of movies, TV series. Maybe that's a "hole in my education" but well, it kinda destroyed the fun I COULD be having if I did get it.. (most of it sounded familiar I'll admit..). So I guess I just felt I was missing out on the fun (like Ally and Sam's friends who doesn't understand half of their jokes..). Secondly, I felt that there are too many people involved in everything that is happening. Their two best friends just "pop" at Sam or Ally's home to give them advice after a bad evening they're not suppose to know about.. It's just felt unreal most of the time. That's without mentioning the people working in their favorite dinner that keep meddling in everyone's business! The most sincere moment in the book was totally destroyed for me with their unnecessary comments. I think I can sum it up that I was missing some real intimacy in the book. Maybe that's something that doesn't happen when you're a teenager, I really can't remember for myself and I'm not the best example anyway. But as Romance novel goes, that's something I expect to read. 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 244 pages, 15 November 2013 / On GoodReads

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