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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Shades of Midnight (Midnight Breed #7 - Cade and Alex) by Lara Adrian

This one was "so-and-so" didn't like it like the previous one of Andreas. I feel that it wasn't as "catching" as the others. 

I liked Kade and his special animalistic ability (I get why Alex felt jealous of his ability ;)) Alex was OK. she was a little "strange" in a sense that she is a "running fighter", or rather was always a runner but in no time at all she becomes too brave. As it was a "rushed" bravery. 

In this book we had a few of the brothers near the end, and I wish we had more of them through the book. especially in the beginning or until almost half of the book where I was missing something to captivate me to Cade and Alex. 

I didn't understand what was all the point of the "encounter" with Dragos (that's all I'm going to say - not to spoil anyone). maybe it was suppose to feel like it.. but it was strange. 

I liked the (too small a) part of the Ancient. It was interesting to "hear" his point of view and we have things to be reviled in the next book/s that I can't wait to read about. I'm also curious to read about Brock - we get "half a glimpse" of his power which I don't really understand what it is.. and I'm curious what will happen with him and his HEA. 

I feel sorry that Chase is "heading south" through the last couple of books. Since I'm reading "late" into this series I know his book will be No. 10 which means the poor guy is going to suffer even more.. 

All in all this wasn't such a great book. wasn't bad either, just took it too much time to develop or for things to "happen" and get interesting. Kade and Alex aren't my favorite couple but well, we can't fall for all of them can we? ;)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 354 pages, 19-21 August 2013 / On GoodReads

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