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Friday, August 9, 2013

Midnight Rising (Midnight Breed #4 - Rio and Dylan) by Lara Adrian

Sweet sweet book :)
Rio went through a lot that he doesn't want to recover. but ending his life isn't easy as well as it seems. he can't see himself really improving, getting back to his old life with the order, and no way with a relationship. Dylan is a real surprise, she surprises him a lot during the book. through in the beginning their relationship was strained (I'm trying not to spoiler here :]) she realizes she become attach to him and doesn't know how she is going to leave him to continue with her life. 

This book has less of the "gang" and more of the two of them in it. not that it is bad in anyway. we do learn something special about one of the characters but they play a few small role in the book. we learn what up with the ancient and frankly is appalling... Lucan is really "bad-ass" in a way that kind of surprised me. he doesn't want to give her a chance and I'm surprised he doesn't give Rio a chance about her. I was really surprised by Rio's decision close to the end. how he understand his priorities in life (once he decided he's worth living..)

As with the previous book we have a nice ongoing drama and them at the lost hour BANG with the action. I felt like I understood / knew whats up with who's the danger in the book so what happened there wasn't a surprise for me but it played out really well, I thought it would be much more horrible and stressful.

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 338 pages, 8-9 August 2013 / On GoodReads

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