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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Born of Darkness (Hunter Legacy #1) [Asher & Naomi] by Lara Adrian

I'll admit I have HIGH expectation from Lara. The Midnight Breed is one of my absolute favorite PNR series and the Hunters' stories is something I wondered about especially since "Deeper than Midnight" (Hunter and Corrine's book). I wanted to learn more about them, what they went through, to see them grow into independent men. In this one I felt we got a lot more of Naomi's story than Asher (which was mostly revealed to us in the end). 

Asher have been living a life of mostly solitude since he was released from captivity. He had a human companion he lived with for years, but he died leaving Asher to live in his farm on his own. He doesn't mind that really but when he saves a young woman - Naomi, all that is about to change. 

Naomi lived a difficult life. After her mother was taken from her at an early age, she mostly lived on the streets finding a family with her best friend Michael and a bunch of homeless kids they care for together. Their money they acquire through a special ability Naomi has which is manipulating mechanical machines. This is a Breedmate power and though Naomi knows very little about what it all means she enjoys using this power to take away from the man who took her mother from her - a shark casino owner. 

Asher encounters Naomi as she is being nearly executed by said shark's men. Saving her he also realizes she is a Breedmate which puts breaks in getting her back to safety and forgetting all about her.. Naomi has other things on her mind! She won't be takes by Asher to a shelter and even though he is courteous towards her, she won't stay with him. 

Asher somehow finds himself mixed with Naomi's passions. It starts when he intends to "hunt her down" and bring her home after her escape, but once he realizes she is in grave danger he succumbs to helping her as best as he can, though Naomi mostly can take care of herself. She has balls of steel! Though she does a lot of reckless deeds which makes me wonder who the hell no one took her out before.. Especially a certain Breed male who is also a Hunter (Cain - which I hope we'll get to meet in the next one!). 

While spending time together in the farm Naomi and Asher find it hard to ignore their attraction to one another and once they start, they can't stop (I mean, literally, they can't stop screwing each other's brains out..). Through all that activity between them and the little they share about their past, mostly Naomi and I guess it started with Asher accidentally touching her and by unleashing HIS special power - witnessing the most horrific experience of her life, the road to "True Love" is very short. I forgot how fast those things happen in PNR. After reading a book almost twice as long only yesterday with the SLOWEST burn, it was a bit too easy IMO. I wish we got more of the two of them and not only in the physical capacity - seeing more of Naomi's world, learning more about Asher's life before he was rescued, and after. I just felt the story didn't "grip" me enough. 

I Love the Midnight Breed world, getting more is always fun. I think for someone who haven't read ANY of the books in the series, well, you might be left with a few questions but I still think this COULD be read and enjoyed as a totally stand alone novel. If it makes you want to read the Main Series - even better! :) [Since this is only the 1st in the series, my Series Page linked bellow is to the Midnight Breed go ahead and check it out if you haven't already!]  

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