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Friday, April 7, 2017

The Queen's Witch (Cassandra Palmer 0.6) [Gillian & Kit] by Karen Chance

This short novella is a sequel to "The Gauntlet", a few days after Gillian and Kit goes their own ways they meet again and Kit explains to Gillian what he needs her for and the importance in that. 

Gillian loves England but she feels she has more to lose staying than leaving. She accepts helping Kit this one time before she departs with her daughter but as their mission falls apart a new choice is being revealed, one she wouldn't have even considered, but with Kit's blessing she can look to a better future. 

I enjoyed this one as well, but I admit there are still, at times, too many details about this world that leaves me a bit confused. I guess it will pass as I delve into the series. Kit and Gillian are sweet together, I wish we got a little bit of romance between them (there was something but certainly not enough). Even though Gillian is a very determined and strong woman, she has much to learn and Kit is there for her to make her realize she needs to think differently to get different results. Kit is also an interesting guy, I wish we got more of his POV, maybe we will in the future?

The first book in the series awaits! 

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