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Monday, August 31, 2015

Brazen by Cara McKenna

O-M-G this short novella was SO DIRTY! It was yet again another novella by Cara I had a distinct impression of after reading the synopsis then got a total different thing when I actually started reading it. 
While it was A LOT about the sex, there was also a very interesting heroine (the sole POV) with quite an interesting psychology behind her behavior. 

Caroline is a 40 years old photographer. She divorced  a few years ago and since then though she wanted men in her life she mostly wanted to be able to objectify them, get her needs and not have any sort of a relationship. I guess she wanted to be free or to be able to be a Dominant. I'm not sure what went wrong with her ex-husband, maybe it was even just about them not "clicking" sex-wise anymore.. or something was missing.. though I'm not sure why it meant for her wanting to be alone. She was an interesting character, it was fun trying to figure her out.

Having enough money for her disposal she hires men to come and do her bidding. It was kinky, yeah, but she wasn't misusing them or something like that. I'm sure it was "the best job e-v-e-r" if you'd ask them hehe 

The plot starts with Caroline explaining the whole "Harem" idea she had and telling us about one of the guys, Sean, who keeps disobeying her rules. It annoys her but it also draws her to him. The connection between her and Sean was electric. Even more so with all the other guys around and the "games" they were playing with each other. 

I'm not going to say more, just that don't expect this one to end with a Happily Ever After note, it's simply an Erotica novella. Take it and have fun with it like that, or don't read it at all. I really enjoyed it, though I didn't expect myself to feel this way. It felt different. In a good (extremely kinky) way :)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 39 pages, 31 August 2015 / On GoodReads

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