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Friday, January 16, 2015

Something Different by T. Baggins (S.A. Reid)

Another great novella by T. Baggins / S.A. Reid. I"m becoming obsessed with her writing. Somehow she brings controversial subjects and deals with them in a such a way you have no other options than to accept them and see them somehow differently. 

This book's tells the romance between Michael who starts being unfaithful to his wife with James a "rent boy" (a hooker if you find the word any better), not exactly the most "attractive" main characters, right? 

Both James and Michael are miserable in the life they are living. Michael is unhappy about his marriage to a woman he never loved but somehow married and had two kids with. He is "stuck" in the situation, and (not only) sexually frustrated. He meets James when he is looking for something different than what he has in his life, from the woman he shares his life with no attraction and he truly finds something totally different in James who offers Michael a blow job (since "a guy knows better" even if James claims he is "straight"). They both get much more than they bargained for. James doesn't expect anything special from Michael. He does what he does because he's good at it, not because he cares or wants to have sex with people he doesn't know. Yet he doesn't have any profession and the money he is making is barely enough. What would happen ten years from now when he isn't as attractive as he is now? How will he sustain himself? 

For both James and Michael the friendship that turns into a relationship isn't what they were expecting for too many reasons to count. On the one hand they have nothing in common and you don't understand what "holds" them together besides the attraction, but on the other hand, they both are so good for one another it felt as it was enough. For me it was believable. 

There is more to this story besides the romance between them. There is also a few side characters - mainly Michael's associate from work and his wife. Michael's marriage was SO miserable, for both him and his wife that even though Michael was unfaithful I accepted it, also the way things ended for them, in my opinion, was very gentle and realistic to who they are and how they lived their lives.

I really enjoyed this one. Even though it was quite short we got a whole story in my opinion. A present full of wonder, a past with demons and a future to look forward to (with a glimpse into it in the Epilogue).

Can't wait for the next book by T. Baggins/ S.A. Reid! 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 112 pages, 15 January 2015 / On GoodReads

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