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Friday, December 27, 2019

The Promise of Snow by Elizah J. Davis

While my previous read - short novella by Elizah - have been about a formed couple already living their Happily Ever After, this short novella is only a promise. Something to look forward to. I actually like these short stories. Though in a way they don't give us true romance (or a "story") I can still close my eyes and imagine how things would work out.

When Brandon Jacobs was just a kid, he didn't especially like (okay, he hated) spending time with his neighbor's grandson AJ Peterson. It didn't happen much - maybe for the better. So when his mother announces AJ is back and might need a "tour guide" of the city, he isn't especially thrilled to actually pick up the phone and call the guy. But after he sees him, well, he might have a different idea..

AJ looks FINE. Brandon definitely likes what he sees, and when AJ is looking at him, he can see the sentiment is mutual. Too bad the circumstance is a bit awkward in a neighborly christmas setting. But as I said, they'll have their time alone, I can totally picture it including the embarrassing, funny, endearing moments family, friends and even neighbors can add to the mix.

I'm so glad I was introduced to Elizah through the "One Night Ever After" anthology. I'm going back to her second collab with Tere and Elle in "One Holiday Ever After" and already have planned a full length novel by her. Her writing is easy going and fun. Captivating heart warming.

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27 December 2019

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