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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Crossroads (Crossroads #1) [Nick & Bryce] by Riley Hart

This book was simply beautiful. Nick and Bryce's journey into finding each other and building a loving relationship was a JOY to read. While they had a lot of bumps in the road I loved how mature they both are. They were frustrated and at times angry, mostly at the world and for things not going the way they wished, but never on each other. That was the certain thing - Wanting to be in each other's arms no matter what.

Nick Fuller is trying to build a new life. He loves working in his restaurant, he spent enough years becoming a chef and making his business successful, but his wife had other interests which is how he finds himself sans said wife renting a new place and looking for better future, even if his life is mostly him going to work, returning late and going to sleep.

When Bryce Tanner moves in the house next door things change. They click right from the start. Bryce is great at enjoying life, he is an expert especially after a medical scare he went through a while back. Bryce offers to help Nick out with a guys night out but instead of Nick finding someone to spend the night with, they end each night simply talking and enjoying each other's company. As time went by, the only thing to change really was Bryce stopped trying to find a hookup for Nick.

Spending more time together was such a natural thing! But things change after someone sees more to their friendship than either of them did. It made no sense and perfect sense. Bryce was NEVER attracted to a man before but he couldn't ignore his feelings for Nick. But can Nick, who comes from a very conservative family, accept his attraction to Bryce?

As I've written they had a bumpy ride, but mostly because they weren't sure what to do with their feelings, what can they promise each other? and how will their families accept (or maybe won't?) their relationship. Both Nick and Bryce are close to their families, yet they won't give up on one another even when their families don't take to the news as they wished they have.

There is A LOT of experimental sex in this book  and I mean A LOT. Yet unlike other books where I get discouraged, it somehow fit perfectly and truth being told it was simply HOT. It was their way to connect, to be with one another leaving the outside world behind, but it wasn't the only thing they had, I loved the simple loving gestures, how they read each other and reacted to one another. I could FEEL the true friendship and companionship between these guys. It wasn't all about the sex. It was firstly about loving one another, wanting to spend time, share and express themselves.

While it took me a LONG time to read this book, frankly it was mostly one day I almost devoured all of it. I just had so many DIYs in my apartment I got side tracked from reading then found myself too tired.. Can't wait to get into the next one (sadly, "Shifting Gears" was not really my jam). 

Yep, recommended! Get ready for sexy times!

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