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Friday, November 10, 2017

Goodnight My Angel (Angel Enterprises #2) by Sue Brown

I really enjoyed this one though I was a bit disappointed that the story finished with a cliff hanger concerning the suspense part of the story. Unlike the previous one, this one was mainly told from Cal's POV which was GREAT. I felt I needed to get to know him better since in the previous one he felt quite mysterious. There is still A LOT for us to discover (about his past) but I actually really liked how we got to know both Cal and Josh a little at a time as their relationship builds up around the suspense. If you haven't read the first one please don't continue reading this review (to prevent reading of spoilers) or rather, go ahead and grab the first one - it's AMAZING. 

We start this story with Cal aka Charlie aka Callum David Ross POV which remains for most of the book, His love for his Angel aka Josh Cooper makes him realize there is only one solution to his and Josh's situation and it's for him to pack his bags and go to Josh before it's too late. It's one thing to accept they can't work together at CDR, but it's surely unreasonably to stay in the US when Josh has moved to the UK. His decision becomes instant when there is an attempt on Josh's life. 

While Josh is working at The Agency, Cal is mostly off the loop until the head of The Agency recruits him, or rather, pays his newly found company - Angel Enterprises to help solve the immediate treat to The Agency. Operatives and their spouses are being targeted and with each day it becomes more complicated and also hits too close... Cal tries using his uncle - Sir Gideon for help but he is somehow reluctant to help even though he plays nice as if he is doing his best. But actually he is targeted as well. Pretty frightening! Also it's quite obvious it has to be someone from the inside. Both Josh and Cal had enough of that with one of Josh's bodyguards in the previous book who turned against everyone, including his twin brother. 

There is much that happens in this one yet the romance is still front and center. Josh and Cal loves each other that's for sure but they still need to keep on getting to know one another. I really appreciate the way their romance unfolds. Though this is romantic suspense and both Josh and Cal are 'menly men' they are also emotional and simply adorable towards one another. Everyone has it inside of them, and I love the fact both act upon their emotions and SAY what they have to say and even shed a tear when the moment is 'right'. Everything about these two feels genuine to me which I absolutely adore about this book and series. 

I truly wish we got a full stop at the end of this one, yet we don't. A 'bomb' is being dropped and all we can do is sit around and wait for the next one. I should say it says Autumn 2017 so it MIGHT be around the corner yet I still haven't seen any details about it. 

Both 'Goodnight My Angel' and this one are HIGHLY Recommended ENDED but MUST be read in order. 

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