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Monday, December 5, 2016

Glass Tidings by Amy Jo Cousins

Beautiful, so so beautiful and heartfelt. The only thing I could have asked for isn't from Amy.. There was a party at my neighbors the day I started reading and so at a certain point I literally got nauseated from the loud HORRIBLE music (karaoke included...) and I just couldn't continue.. my only complaint is I couldn't read the book in one gulp as I wished (finished it the day after). Why am I mentioning this? because in a way it "worked" with the fact both MC in this book are a sort of loners and I can certainly fit the bill. Like Eddie and Grayson - sitting in the quiet of my home and enjoying a book is really most of what I ask for in life. I freaked out because I couldn't do that, I was DENIED my peace of mind which left me absolutely INSANE. Like Eddie and Gray I could totally be a people's person (when I choose) but deep down inside, the most appealing thing for me is reading in my quiet house (for me it also HAS to include my dogs). 

Grayson (Gray) have been living on his own in this huge house, he works basically two months a year in his family's Christmas gift shop, the rest of the year he stays home, renovating the house and reading his old school sci-fi books. He IS lonely but he lost hope he will find what he is looking for in the small town he is living in. Yeah he had a boyfriend years ago but he wasn't content with their life and so he left, leaving Gray to forsaken his dreams of HEA with a loved one. He feels unready to share his house with this young guy who got "dropped" on him by Christine the cop (they used to be a good friends a million years ago). Thing is, a horrible car accident happened near his house and the key witness - a drifter - has no where to go and so Christine asks Gray to take Eddie in for a few days up until she can form a line up for him to try and pick out the driver. 

Eddie's childhood made it clear for him trusting the cops isn't a good idea, and so he doesn't really plan on sticking around, and yet what Gray keeps offering him is exactly what he wants (even if he wouldn't been able to articulate it). It's not just a home, it's also a steady nice job at the gift shop, an opportunity to keep doing his glass work (this time as tree ornaments and not just tiny figurines) and sell it on the shop with a nice profit. Yet what keeps him on edge is the normality and fellowship Gray offers him in his home, soon turning into THEIR home, even without anything sexual happening (and not due to lack of interest from either one of them..).

As Gray and Eddie get closer together, they are able to open up to one another but up to a certain point. Gray wants WAY more than Eddie could even offer - a life together. One to be shared together in their home, as a true couple. Eddie is just passing by from one faire to another. Eddie might play with the idea in his mind of staying with Gray permanently but he can't see it working and he feels too much dependant on Gray which puts him in a disadvantage he hates. It's obvious to him what Gray wants is something he never had so how could he commit to something he knows nothing about? Also who says Gray won't get tired of him? Who said Gray is TRULY asking him to stay (indefinitely)? 

Their relationship builds step by step and I really liked the sex, when arrived, didn't press the relationship into something it wasn't ready to evolve into. In general the sex takes a very small part of the story, it's not overly detailed and there are not a lot of full sexual scenes. I actually appreciated that. It meant a lot more emphasis on THEM, their emotions and wants and how living together, sharing a space, brings them to connect, to want each other for the same reasons basically. They felt so different in many ways but also so much alike. I loved seeing both of them change for the better due to the other's influence and I liked they both were trying their best, but not always getting across the way they wanted. They felt so real to me because of their mistakes and because they kept on trying to have their heart desire and yet found it so hard to truly give each other a fair shot (by SAYING what they wish for). In general them getting closer together was sweet and endearing with their little games and fights. 

I guess for anyone who is also celebrating Christmas this would be a treat on another level. I actually wish I could SEE how it looks walking the streets with decorated houses, seeing for real from the inside the dedication people put into decorating their trees and the inside of their homes. As I was opening my computer to write my review first thing that popped into my screen on Facebook was a friend's house all decorated for the holiday. It made me smile of how much it fits my feelings after reading this book. Also as Gray says, the most important thing is spending the holiday with someone you love, and while it's not holiday here (or yet..), it is a very rainy weekend, I'll be soon on my way to my best friends' house for a tasty dinner :)  

I kindly received this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion. 

This book is out TODAY 5 December 2016 - 
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Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 226 pages, 1-2 December 2016 / On GoodReads

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