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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Good Boy (Theta Alpha Gamma #4) [Brad & Sebastian] by Anne Tenino

I'm disappointed.  I mean, I KNEW where this one was going but it's not just the fact that Brad and Sebastian are s/D (now), that was half obvious to happen from the first installment in the series - "Frat Boy and Toppy" - in which we were introduced to them..It's the fact that I LIKED Sebastian before, yeah he had a little bit of a mean streak to him, but I thought it funny at the time, as he's being sarcastic, now I realize I just don't like him as a person and so him getting a HEA with a guy I actually DO really like - Brad - made their whole relationship turn sour in my mouth. 

In the previous installment in the series we get a glimpse of Brad and Sebastian and it's obvious they are having problems as a couple. There is a scene which shows they are working on it or have worked on it but that's all we get. This scene is being referred to but not re-played (which I liked) and generally speaking there is no need to read the previous installment before reading this one, there aren't even any spoilers, only things that are mentioned in the synopsis of the book. But you DO need to read the first installment to get Brad and Sebastian's relationship. Because otherwise I don't think you'll EVER understand why a sweetheart like Brad can  find himself with someone AWFUL like Sebastian. 

Let's be truthful here, I'm never a true fan of BDSM. I mostly don't get it. Sometimes I do and then it works out beautifully, sometimes I just accept it works for that specific couple, sometimes I just chose to ignore the sex scenes and then I'm fine even though I don't really get it.. With this one it was mostly the first chapter in which we realize just how much of a douche bag Sebastian is and how much he took Brad for granted. Yeah you could say he "redeemed himself" later on, but I for once, wasn't fooled! THIS is who he is and if he wants to become a Dom he really SHOULD understand that his submissive should NEVER feel used or neglected. I get it, at stressful times we are less ourselves but I didn't really believe it was just that. Sebastian does his best to behave with the people around him but he is mostly self centered A-hole as his POV TOTALLY shows. At times he plays human, with Brad, with the people he must interact with.. But it doesn't change who he is. he ISN'T a nice guy. He isn't a WORTHY guy to be with Brad and certainly not be his Dom. That's too much responsibility as I see it. I don't believe he truly had an epiphany when he realized he was neglecting Brad over his thesis. I just think he realized he is very close to losing something he wants and needs. That's NOT the same thing.

I'm sorry, I don't like this short novella AT ALL. I had to skim through the two last chapters, couldn't even try and read the sex between them. Sebastian gesture to Brad in the end was VERY expected but naturally I didn't like it. For me it only showed possessiveness. Yeah it's part of the BDSM theme, but I didn't buy it because I don't see their relationship positively. Let's put it this way, I don't see the love as I want to see it in a romance novel. 

I should also note that this short novella unlike the other ones in the series was all about the drama - resolving the problems they were having as a couple. There isn't a real plot around them (it was too short for that) and it didn't have the high note of humor the other ones had. I'm not saying it because of how I felt towards Sebastian, it's truly had a totally different vibe than the others installments, maybe because it needed to give another sort of closure to Sebastian and Brad's story which wasn't delivered in the first installment. In the previous one we got a full story and for me more a sense of HEA that the HFN we got in the first installment of Brad and Sebastian.  

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 65 pages, 11 October 2016 / On GoodReads

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