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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Death of a Pirate King (Adrien English #4) by Josh Lanyon

This one was definitely the best until now. The writing as usual was superb, the romance (with Jake) actually progressed and I liked the way it turned out in the end. I think that what happened now should have happened a LONG time ago considering this book takes place 2 years after the previous one (about 3 years since the start point of the series).

Adrien gets a fine proposal from actor Paul Kane to make his first novel into a movie which is exactly what gets him smack in the middle of a crime scene when the man sitting across from him in a fancy dinner falls over and dies.. That's when Paul suggests he helps out in the case and since Jake is in charge of the investigation he promises to deal with Jake since as it seems they have been sharing the BDSM scene for the past 5 years (yeah, including the time he and Jake were together..). Adrien agrees, that's his "thing", right? he also can't really stay away from Jake when he is THAT close by even if he is still hurt and angry with him for to many things to count.. 

His relationship with Guy (the professor he met in the previous book) on the other hand starts to crumble. Guy wants more, but Adrien is unwilling to commit. It's obvious he still has feelings for Jake and it's also obvious something is missing in his relationship with Guy. So when a figure from the past appears on his door step which Adrien can't deal with they are in an impasse. 

It was pretty obvious from the start who our villain is, took Adrien long enough though. There's a saying in my mother tongue which roughly translates to "on the the head of the thief the hat burns" I feel in this one it's very fitting. The whole situation puts Jake in a lot of stress, having to decide what to do with Paul and Adrien, both being his lovers, while managing the murder investigation. Trying to hold the police off both of them while can't explaining why he is sure of their innocence. Living a double life starts to put a real strain on his life (I felt like screaming "FINALLY!"). 

Now I'm really looking forward to reading the next one and see how things are concluded. But I have to say that if I was asked about this series I would suggest starting with this one. Yeah there will be some things that are not explained (enough?) but all in all, if I'd known this series would feel the way it does for me I wouldn't have read it. Adrien is a very weak character, and while it's different (translating - could be a nice change), I can't say I like him that much, Jake is struggling, but we don't even get to hear his POV which I would have appreciated. The romance in general is a very weak point in the books and the mystery is quite obvious mostly. So all you are in for is really great writing that without it I wouldn't be here on the 4th book.. I'm curious about other books by Josh but I'll have to do a better "homework" on it before I start..

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 251 pages, 23-25 October 2015 / On GoodReads

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