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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bound to Darkness (Midnight Breed #13) [Carys Chase & Rune] by Lara Adrian

The Paranormal Romance used to be my most favorite genre. I used to read almost SOLELY Paranormal and mostly vampires, but if I look back on what I've read for the past few months, besides a few very short Fantasy / Paranormal novellas the last Vampire PNR I read was back in April! It's strange. I still LOVE this genre, and yet I mostly read "regular" / "real world" romance now. A lot more MM compared to MF. So when I realized the next book on my list is a PNR MF I was in a way surprised - that it's still on my list and I haven't read it since it was out, and the fact that I really couldn't remember when I've read a good PNR as I used to love doing ALL the time. 

I'm not sure what I feel about this novel. I had a problem with the progression of Carys and Rune's relationship. Unlike previous books in the series, this book starts with Carys and Rune already a formed couple. Well, sort of.. Rune laid out the cards from the start - whatever happens between them - it will last as long as they are both enjoying it. So I guess it's no wonder they sounded to me more like "fuck-buddies" than a real couple.. and even though both proclaim they DO have deep feeling from one another I didn't see the "base" to these feelings besides their excessive sexual need for one another (I'll admit to skimming through some of those..).

Yet this is a PNR novel, so I put aside my feeling about their relationship and tried to put more emphasize on what the hell is going on! Enemies everywhere!  This book is mostly about "Opus Nostrum" (though there is a bit of a talk about the Athlantians). The Order is trying to find the new leader and also all the new weapons they seem to developed. I think a little bit after the mid point the action started and it didn't end almost right till the end! It was IMPOSSIBLE to put down. The final confrontation Carys truly shows her color and how damn BRIGHT they are! I was internally shouting "YOU GO GIRL" all through her fights. She was MAGNIFICENT.

This novel was mostly narrated by Carys and Rune yet we did get quite a lot of Chase (Cary's father) and Lucan (the Order's leader) and also there was a lot of glimpses into the heroes from the first novels which I absolutely LOVED! 

All in all, it was a good novel. I wish there was more of a relationship buildup (not just sex..) but all in all, I DID like both MC. Rune was fierce! but so was Carys which was GREAT! I love me a strong heroine! :) and the action was a total kick ass especially with both MC being so strong minded and bodied! 

This book has too family reunions - The first is Dylan (Rio's mate) finding her mysterious father so very unexpectedly. There is also a clue to her father finding a mate with Brynne - a very special "lady" - a Breed female like Tavia. The second is a sort of a predictable surprise with our MC Rune finding his lost sibling.  

Next one in the series is a short novella of two characters I haven't heard anything off.. not that I remember anyhow.. So can't wait for the next full novel! I just read that Lara has 18 full novels planned (and more short novellas in between) and really, I'm not even sure who I want now! Arik? (Carys' twin), maybe one of the other "kids" of the original Order members? like Darion (Lucan's son) or maybe a totally different take with Brynne and the sexy flirtatious... yeah, I'm not saying more.. and I don't have any more guesses as it is :)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 275 pages, 22-23 September 2015 / On GoodReads

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