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Monday, July 13, 2015

Food for Thought by Amy Lane

Perfection.  I can't honestly ask for more than I got in this sweetest heart breaking, beautiful novella. I loved both Emmet and Keegan, together and alone. Loved the interaction between the two and how cooking together from this special book clarified for Emmet what he have been craving for way too long. 

This story begins with Emmet remembering the day he found his father dead in the house he grew up in. He describes their relationship in such a heart breaking way. They were everything for one another, the family of two, yet they never actually spoken to one another, never expressed how they felt. Emmet found the big warm and loving family he always wanted in the neighbors next door. He and their son Winnie became best friends and Flora (Winnie's mother) became the mother Emmet never really had. 

The day Emmet's father died was the day he was going to come out of the closet to me. He was heart broken from the only gay relationship he ever had but after finding his father dead he just decided to put his sexual orientation aside and TRY to be as "normal" as he can and date girls. Winnie and Flora weren't really fooled, but Emmet wasn't willing to confess the fact he was gay now that his father is gone, in fact he was dating Christine for quite a while now (even though CLEARLY it wasn't working for him). 

After a family visit to Vinnie's family he finds that the family odd cook book Flora offered him to take (and he refused..) is "magically" sitting in his car and so he decides to cook a recipe to "clarify" his confused mind. Offering to help is his best friend and neighbor Keegan. He and Keegan has been close from the moment Keegan appeared on his doorstep offering cookies for the new comer (- Emmet). Keegan found Emmet crying in his kitchen thinking of his father and missing him terribly. That's how it started and though Emmet KNEW Keegan was gay, and though it's quite obvious even to a blind man living in a different state (!) Keegan has feelings for Emmet, Emmet, well, was ignoring his own attraction for Keegan and just accepting him as close as one can get to family.

Cooking DID clarify Emmet's feelings and made the possibility of him and Keegan starting a relationship together. I loved how it was played, funny at times and heart breaking at others. Even though we didn't get Keegan's POV (only Emmet's) it was still clear how he felt about him and why. I loved everything about these two and enjoyed seeing how Emmet got the closure he needed in order to accept who he is. 

A true 5 star read, and not only because I found myself crying to my pillow (it's a good mark for an excellent book - squeezing my emotions this way.. I don't cry that often). HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

This novella is a part of a sort of Anthology I think.. I'm not sure, but there are a few other short novellas by different authors all using this odd cookbook. Took me long enough but I managed to add another one from this curious cookbook - "Just Desserts" by Mary Calmes. Also recommended.

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 94 pages, 12 July 2015 / On GoodReads

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