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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Make It Last (Bowler University #3) [Cam Ruiz & Tate Ellison] by Megan Erickson

The final installment in The Bowler University series was very sweet yet felt a bit lacking somehow.. I wanted it to be more, there was a lot going on in the background with both Cam and Tate's families but it "faded to black" mostly, not really dealing with anything that is going on with them. Also the ending felt more of a "Happy For Now" than a true "Happily Ever After". I'm usually one that is satisfied with the couple being together "against the odds", it's not a must for me to have them married or with kids or something like that. I just want to really know that the struggle is behind them. In this one it didn't feel this way, especially with what they have to deal with in the near future (not saying what not to spoiler..) 

Cam was devastated when he learned Tate slept with another guy when he was in his military training, thus breaking up with her and moving to Bowler University and leaving her behind. He partied a lot in the University but he wasn't emotionally available for anyone else, also he wanted to finish his studies as soon as possible so he can start to work so he can help support his mother. 

Tate might pushed Cam away by betraying his trust but she had her reasons. She specifically wanted him away building his future and not staying in their little town and destroy his chance at having a real future. Tate had a lot of problems to deal with in the 5 years since Cam left, but she wanted to deal with those by herself, not condemning others to her troubles. 

When Cam comes back for the summer before he flies to New York to start working in security assessment Tate is devastated but she is also incapable of hiding what her life have been life for the past few years and when Cam finally learns the truth of what happened to break them up they both realize they spent enough time apart, now it's time for them to be together. The question is - where? and how? when he is due to leave to New York come autumn.. 

There is a lot that goes on around them with both their families medical situation (but not just that) though basically it's about them learning to trust one another and learning to accept the choices each is willing to make for them to be happy. 

It was a sweet story, their love was very tender and heart warming but I felt as though even their love and how precious it was didn't "hold" me to the story. The medical situation of Cam's mother was mentioned then mostly ignored (so why bring it up?) and also everything that happened to Tate's dad was put in the background and was never really part of the plot even when it felt significant. 

So while it was a nice enough love story, it didn't deliver in my personal opinion. The last chapter has the two other couples formed in the previous novels which was nice but it felt as they were "placed" there for closure reason specifically. It didn't feel connected to the plot. Recommended to college New Adult lovers (though this one specifically is post-college).

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 352 pages, 5-8 June 2015 / On GoodReads

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