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Friday, May 1, 2015

A Different Blue by Amy Harmon

This book is a beautiful story of growing up, learning who you as well as finding a true friend, your best friend who also becomes your true love. Well, not really OURS, but Blue's a sad girl who at the moment has nothing but her love for carving wood. 

Blue's story up until the book starts is rather gloomy. She was abandoned at the (probable) age of two years old to be picked up by a man who soon becomes the only father she ever knows. They spend their time together, yet apart from society, him being afraid because as it seems the baby's mother was found dead and though he wanted to take care of this young sweet baby he didn't want to be accused of murder.. They lived happily for about 8-9 years until one day Jimmy goes on a walk and never returns. When the authorities get involve they have no idea who this little girl is! So they let her be who she knew she was Blue Echohawk. The daughter of Jimmy Echohawk the Native American and an unknown (from her looks - probably American) mother. She goes to live with Jimmy's sister where she lives up until her last year in school - when the story begins.

The first day of senior year end with a History class taught by a young British teacher. Everyone thinks he's HOT, but Blue isn't impressed by him or anyone for that matter. She is a tough kid who isn't interested in getting friendly with anyone. She's the girl with the attitude. Yet Mr. Wilson does somehow get to her, she isn't sure how or even why but he does. As the year goes by, the connection between them changes into a form of friendship that solidifies after she finishes school (and he is no longer her teacher...)

He offers her a low cost apartment to rent at the house he lives in. But more importantly he offers her friendship, the kind she never had, someone she trusts, can confide in and when she meets his sister Tiffa she they also become good friends, not to mention, Tiffa is Blue's way to being a well paid artist with the wood carving she sells at the classy hoter Tiffa works at. 

This book is truly a journey. It's quite long, and details so much you truly get to see how Blue is changing in front of you, from a person she wasn't proud of and wasn't even sure who she is, into a beautiful young (more) confident woman who has a place in this world. Wilson and Tiffa's friendship allows her the stability to inquire about her past, trying to find who her mother was, does she have any family? and when she does (at the very end of the book) she is filled with wonder at the strange story she uncovers. 

The love between Wilson and Blue is very slow in building. Half the time I got it, and the other half couldn't understand why neither of them makes any move and after a move is actually done I don't understand why it keeps them apart and not together. Nearing the end I actually got annoyed a with it. Wilson didn't have a real reason (anymore) to keep away, and Blue can't be sending THAT much of mixed signals.. I don't know. It felt, well, "missed" somehow.. 

My main complaint about the story though, the reason I'm giving it 4 stars and not raving 5 is going to be a mild spoiler but also a bit of a rant.. so if you don't want to read any possible spoilers just move on to the next paragraph. (Mild) spoiler coming in - Three. Two. One. GO! Somewhere near the middle of the book Blue finds out she is pregnant. She isn't sure what to do, she is very scared, and though she considers Wilson some sort of friend (she was still his student back then) she doesn't know if she can trust him enough to tell him about it so she keeps it a secret, and basically while not knowing what to do just leave it and not really deals with it. Barely goes to a doctor. That's the most irresponsible shit I have EVER read. She doesn't know what to DO with a baby, she doesn't have enough money to provide to a kid, that's for sure, at that time she still lives with her aunt barely making any money working at a coffee house and sells (rather cheap) her wood work. So what? she is going to put her up for adoption? ABANDONING her own kid, making another unwanted child in the world? I was trying to understand this shit and just couldn't. After what HER childhood was like, abortion is the ONLY possible and RESPONSIBLE answer. I know it's a big taboo in books. I have yet to encounter a SINGLE reference to an abortion being made. Yet here, it was so damn STUPID she kept the pregnancy.. Mind you, until the critical time they find the perfect solution (which I WON'T be revealing) but it was well after the time she could have had an abortion. She was "stuck" having a baby while not knowing what to do when s/he was born. Naturally all the other baby/pregnancy things we had to deal with during the rest of the book were a HUGE turn off. I actually took a tea break and played a little Backgammon on my computer when she was delivering. I couldn't care less about this staff. NEXT!

Rant over. All in all it IS a beautiful story. A very sweet one even if Blue is rough around the edges. Wilson was sweet and caring, the best friend (and later on lover) any woman can ask for (British accent being a bonus ;)).  

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 455 pages, 29-30 April 2015 / On GoodReads

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