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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Seasons Pass (Enlightenment #1.5) by Joanna Chambers

A short interesting novella told from Murdo's POV. I really enjoyed getting somewhat his side of the story though it's mostly the effect David had on him even though they didn't spend THAT much time together. 
This novella takes place 2 years after their last encounter. It mostly contains two scenes - 
The first, Murdo in a meeting with his father instructing him to return to Edinburgh for the king's visit.  It's a nice little glimpse into Murdo's head and state of mind. He is now engaged to be married, as he told David he is planning to be. 
The second scene is in a gay brothel (a sort of high society one) where he sees someone HE doesn't recognize but he was mentioned (even if briefly) in the previous installment and there is a very significant let's call it "information" that David would have been surprised to find out.. In the brothel Murdo is talking to someone who is going to Edinburgh as well, I guess it's suppose to prepare us to him being mentioned in the second installment, his name is Sinclair. 

It was very short but I think it did convey information about Murdo from his POV and a sort of introduction to what we are expected to deal with in the second installment. I should mention that there is some political plot planned with the king. As usual I didn't really get what the significance is.. since I don't know the areas they were talking about or what is planned to happen in the future (meaning what happened in the past..) in Scotland. I WILL admit that I wasn't even sure if Edinburgh is a part of Scotland or Ireland when I started reading the previous installment.. I hoped not get hanged and then beheaded for saying this.. ;) but I was never that interested in the history of England.. and since I also don't really read Historical Romance I don't get the information from my reading.. 

On to the next one!  

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 17 pages, 18 February 2015 / On GoodReads

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