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Warrior - Lara Adrian (originally as Tina St. John)

Warrior is an Historical Romance (in a way a Romantic Suspense) series by Lara Adrian set in the Medieval times. The series focuses on true Warrior, finding the right strong headed woman to capture their heart. Though these guys are gruff and not always tender (in words or actions) their heart is in the right place and they chose wisely a woman who might need their help (currently) but they are still strong enough to manage on their own. It's a different feel than I'm used to considering this IS Medieval times and the statue of women was so low, yet I think all three women were still as independent as they CAN be considering and I really appreciated that.

This series as well as "Lord of Vengeance" (a stand alone novel) and the PNR series "Dragon Chalice" (all set in the Medieval times) were originally published under the name Tina St. John. These books were the first Lara has written and while they couldn't be more different than her current Paranormal Romance series "Midnight Breed" I ADORE both. My only complaint would be she doesn't write HR anymore which is a true SHAME considering how AMAZING there books are - wonderfully written, engaging and heart warming. Truthfully couldn't have asked for more.

1. White Lion's Lady [Isabel de Lamere & Griffin of Droghallow] (Published 31 July 2001) ★★★★★
2. Black Lion's Bride [Zahirah & Sebastian of Montborne] (Published 1 April 2002) ★★★★
3. Lady of Valor [Emmalyn of Fallonmour & Cabal "Blackheart"] (Published 4 April 2000) ★★★★★

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