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Theta Alpha Gamma - Anne Tenino

Theta Alpha Gama is a New Adult MM Romance series by Anne Tenino. It's mostly A LOT of fun, A LOT of sexy and steamy. Easy read, very little angst and just a easy LOL read. The first three are stand alone ones, but since the 4th is the continuation of the 1st installment it should be read in order (or at least after the first), and the last one containing a big reveal from the previous one. 

The series started out GREAT for me, it's so much FUN! If you don't laugh-out-laud you are at least amused most of it, but I gotta say, the long installments (3rd+5th) were TOO long for me. It wasn't just about the couple it was a lot about the fratboys which though was stupidly funny it was also a bit too much padding for the couple's story IMO.

This series would be PERFECT for a careless holiday either being on one or longing for one ;)  

Note - I REALLY disliked the 4th installment it's a continuation of the 1st installment and it's not just the fact it's BDSM I just came to truly dislike on of the MC. It was also unlike the other novels in the total vibe of the story (was all about the drama, no humor)

1. Frat Boy and Toppy [Brad Feller & Sebastian DeWitt] (Published 26 March 2012) 
2. Love, Hypothetically [Paul & Trevor Gardiner] (Published 25 August 2012) ★½ 
3. Sweet Young Thang [Collin Montes & Eric Dixon] (Published 20 July 2013) 
4. Good Boy [Brad Feller & Sebastian DeWitt] (Published 5 October 2013) 
5. Poster Boy [Toby Moore & Gavin "Jock" Gervaise] (Published 20 April 2014) ★½ 

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