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The Boyfriend Chronicles River Jaymes

The Boyfriend Chronicles is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED MM Romance series by River Jaymes.
After reading the first in the series and then reading her debut short novella (Brad's Bachelor Party) I became hooked to River and she is now on my pre-order-immediate-read-as-soon-as-published (short) list.

As it seems now the series would contain 3 books. We meet most of the important MC in the first one. As the first book begins we handle Alec and Tyler's separation and the building of Alec's relationship with Dylan. On the second novel Tyler finds his HEA with his mythological ex - Memphis and the last one will be of Noah (and Ky). Noah being a long time friend of Dylan but also a friend of Alec and Tyler as well. We also got a "first impression" of both Memphis and Ky. Memphis being mentioned in the ending of the first novel as helping out on a project that will take place in the second book and Ky is also mentioned in the ending of the second book as he meets the guys with a very sweet and funny encounter with Noah.

I ADORED the first novel and the second was also just beautiful in every aspect so I can't wait for the third to be published. I loved all characters in the series, they all feel very real and very special in their own way. Alec and Tyler are both doctors and they own a clinic that helps homeless people / people that have no means to pay for medical treatment. Dylan and Noah, though not in the medical field, are both invested in helping out on the cause specifically on HIV as they dealt with it in their past. On the second book there is also a project for cancer patients. I really enjoyed reading these two and the special attention they brought to subject that are usually left out of romance books, maybe because on other novels the characters would be too much of a "do-gooders" yet here it made the characters who they are and reflected their lives and upbringing. 



1. The Backup Boyfriend [Alec & Dylan] (Published 28 November 2013) ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
2. The Boyfriend Mandate [Tyler & Memphis] (Published 13 October 2014) ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
3. The Boyfriend Makeover [Noah & Ky] (Published 22 November 2016) ★ ★ ★ 

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