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Sins of the Cities - K.J. Charles

Sins of the Cities is a Historical Romance / Romantic Suspense series by KJ Charles. While each book centers around one couple, the mystery plot spans the whole of the three novels. The story evolves around the Taillefer family and who is going to inherit the title Earl of Moreton.

The first story centers around Clem Talleyfer the current heir's half (an illegitimate) brother. Edmund isn't very fond of his half brother but in his own attempt to care for him he gives him a house to manage with a free tennant everyone despises. When said tennant is tortured and killed and then dropped by Clem's door the mystery begins. Why is Edmund paying to keep a drunken ex-priest and what secret documents did he have?

Throughout the next two installments Edmund's past and other family secrets are exposed putting more than just Clem and his lover Rowley's life on the line. As well as complicating the already fragile relationships in this cold family. Bigamy, betrayal, illegitimate marriages and sons, estate affair, fraud, torture and murderers we've got them all in this one. But besides that there are three wonderful romance stories each unique in it's own. I applaud KJ for the characters she chose to write in this series and how they found the love in each other.

I'll admit I had my issue with the first one, but the second of Justin and Nathaniel was one of my absolute favorite book of all times! The third, which brought this whole series together was a great read as well though I admit had my little issues with it. But there is no doubt in my mind when I WHOLE HEARTEDLY recommend this series.


KJ got us a spin off series "Lilywhite Boys" 20 years after the plot of this one. We mostly get names dropped though there is a wonderful surprise in Susan Lazarus or rather Sukey as we've met her - Justin's little helper. She has a role in both books - more significant in the second where she is the MC (also it's the only heterosexual romance novel in the series). I LOVED this series as well. Start from this one and then head over to the Lilywhites it's a BEAUTIFUL way to say farewell to the series.

1. An Unseen Attraction [Clement "Clem" Talleyfer & Rowley Green] (Published 21 February 2017) ½
2. An Unnatural Vice [Nathaniel Roy & Justin Lazarus] (Published 6 June 2017) 
3. An Unsuitable Heir [Mark Braglewicz & Pen Starling] (Published 3 October 2017) ½

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