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Shivaree - Cara McKenna

Shivaree by Cara McKenna is an Erotica mini series. The three installment together are length of a full novel. 

In the first installment we meet Shane and Gabriel, a couple though mostly together for an obsessive attraction from both sides. There is no real love between them, Shane still struggles with the fact that he is in a relationship with a man (he never considered himself gay, it's just "one man attraction" he has to Gabriel) and the fact there is no real future to a relationship with two men.. Add to the mix the fact that Gabriel refuses to be faithful and abandon having women and we have a very complicated relationship so when Natalie stumbles inside "Shivaree" (the bar Shane owns) after her car crushes down near it - everything gets even more complicated. Gabriel wants her, she definitely wants him, Shane is jealous, and somehow they all end up in bed together. After three magical days (or rather - nights) she goes back home. 6 months later is where the next installment begins, with Shane and Gabriel being a whole year together but having the same difficulties. Shane bails in order to try and figure his life out this time AWAY from the person he can't stop thinking about. In the end he finds the right answer even if it's not really what he expected. 

The prequel tells us of how Gabriel and Shane came to be together. Though it was written between the first and second installment I think it makes most sense starting the series with it. 

My only issue with this series is I didn't like Shane. I'm not into the manly alpha male who enjoys showing his rooster-y feathers.. and since Shane was always putting up the act of being a controlling asshole (well, controlling he REALLY is, an asshole - not!) I just got tired of him. I wish we would have gotten Gabriel's POV but it was only Shane and Natalie. 

Really enjoyed this series, it was hot and sexy without forgetting to actually have a plot. The struggles both MC were having felt very real and genuine. 

0.5. Backwoods (Published 10 September 2010) ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
1. Shivaree (Published 12 March 2010) ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
2. Getaway (Published 5 January 2011) ★ ★ ★ ★ 

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