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Romancelandia (+ Whitetail Rock) By Anne Tenino

Romancelandia (+ Whitetail Rock) is a MM Series by Anne Tenino

Each book in the series tells us of one couple. The couples have some connection to one another. In the first two short novellas we meet Nik and Jurgen. In the first installment of the series Jurgen's cousin - Ian - and Nik's best friend - Sam - meet and fall in love and the third one is of Ian's new assistant - Dalton (who is also the brother of his other worker Andy) - and Ian's homophobic college friend Tierney (who is you can guess is just afraid of his own sexual orientation).

While I didn't really like the first two short novellas of Nik and Jurgen I LOVED the the two full novels in this series. The characters are so REAL and their struggles also feels, well, realistic! No one is perfect, and they aren't the macho macho men type. I love how Anne deals with emotions and how the story is told from both the MC's POV giving us the full view into the characters' mind and heart. 

I'm not sure if there are going to be more installment to this series, I HOPE there will. I can guess that Miller needs to have his story being told and maybe the other cop Dave (?) from Whitetail. Anyhow I'll be reading more by Anne FOR SURE. Amazing writer. 


Whitetail Rock 1: Whitetail Rock [Nik & Jurgen]
                            (Published 30 July 2011) ★ ★

Whitetail Rock 2: The Fix [Nik & Jurgen]
                            (Published 17 December 2011) ★ ★
Whitetail Rock 3 / Romancelandia 1: Too Stupid to live [Sam & Ian] 
                            (Published 14 January 2013) ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Romancelandia 2: Billionaire with Benefits [Tierney & Dalton] 
                            (Published 20 October 2014) ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Romancelandia 3: ??? [?? & ??] 
                            (Unknown when will be published)

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