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One Week Girlfriend Quartet by Monica Murphy

One Week Girlfriend Quartet is a New Adult series by Monica Murphy.

The first two books in the series (One Week Girlfriend + Second Chance Boyfriend) as well as the novella that was published after the third installment (Drew + Fable Forever) tells us the story of Fable and Drew. It's a very dark love story. Drew has a very grim past which Fable tries her best to uncover and help him heal. 

I LOVED the first installment. It's mostly a novella (round 180 pages) yet we got a whole story. The second installment wasn't as good as the first one. The characters weren't mature enough and felt more whiny than the dealing type. The short novella that finished their stories ("Dew + Fable Forever") was a real disappointment for me. I still recommend the first book in the series but not the following ones (even though you need the second to get the total closure of their love story). 

The third book in the series is of Jen and Colin whom we met in the second installment. Jen is Fable's best friend and fellow waitress at The District which Colin owns. In the second installment we get the smallest glimpse into their past which leads to their romance now. I didn't like this one. I actually didn't finish reading him (DNF at 40%). Didn't like or understand both MC.

The forth and last installment is of Owen - Fable's brother, taking place in the near future while Owen is in college. I didn't like this one as well, a DNF at 23%. Owen lacks everything that an interesting MC needs to have.

As a series, this one is a real disappointment. I loved the first one but the following ones were really good. I think it was the case of trying too hard to make a series out of a stand alone novel (though I'm not sure if that was the case when the first book was published). I don't recommend this one as a series but I still recommend the first one (even though it is lacking in closure).

1. One Week Girlfriend [Drew & Fable] (published 10 February 2013) ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
2. Second Chance Boyfriend [Drew & Fable] (published 6 April 2014) ★ ★ ★ ¾
3. Three Broken Promises [Jen & Colin] (published 3 December 2013) ★ (DNF 40%)
3.5 Drew + Fable Forever [Drew & Fable] (published 14 January 2014) ★ (DNF 35%)
4. Four Years Later [Owen & Chelsea] (published 4 March 2014) ★ (DNF 23%)

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