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Lucky - Garrett Leigh

Lucky is a Contemporary MM Romance by Garrett Leigh. Like most of Garrett's series it's not truly a series, the books are all stand alone ones with the MCs being connected to one another.

In the first installment we get Lucky and Dom, in the second, we get Cash (Lucky's roommate) with Rae and the third features Isha (Dom's former agent and best friend) and Jude. Each book can totally be read as a stand alone but take into notice you'll stumble into characters from the previous books so it's always better to start from the beginning :)

I LOVED the first installment, Lucky and Dom seemed like such and unlikely couple yet they worked beautifully, with Cash and Rae's story I had a few issues but it was a solid one as well. The series came to a sweet closure with Jude and Isha's story, bringing all couples together.

1. Lucky [Lucky Coleman & Dominic Ramos] (Published 18 September 2018) ★★★★★
2. Cash [Ciaran "Cash" Walsh & Rae] (Published 22 January 2019) ★★★½
3. Jude [Jude Harrison & Isha Hussain] (Published 24 March 2019)  ★★★★

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