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Love Letters - Anyta Sunday

Love Letters is a Contemporary MM Romance series by Antya Sunday. These were quite sweet. I enjoyed the first three, the fourth one I didn't like the turf and one of the MCs. The series focus mostly on these close friends - the twins River and Landon and two of their best friends Ben and Duke. Unlikely or not, they find their HEA! Length wise all of these are somewhere between a novella to a rather short novel and yet we generally do feel like we got the whole story.

1. Admiring Ash [Ash Heartford & Roy "River" Riverton] (Published 29 July 2018) ★★★★★
2. Begging Ben [Ben Spengler & Landon Riverton] (Published 29 July 2018) ★★★★★
3. Challenging Chance [Chance Roosevelt-Sutton & Brook Kalson] (Published 29 July 2018) ★★★★
4. Daring Duke [Duke Lawrence-Decker & Rohan Lawrence-Decker] (Published 18 February 2019) ★★★
5. Entrapping Erik [Erik & ???] (To Be Published May 2019)

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