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Lilywhite Boys - K.J Charles

Lilywhite Boys is a Historical Romance series by K.J. Charles. The Lilywhite boys are a professional jewel thieves. They are called Lilywhite especially for their ability to stay clear of the police's way. Though most jobs are done by Jerry Crozier and Templeton Lane they do get a bit of help from their friend Stanislav Kamarzyn. The series tells us their love stories, though the stories themselves aren't connected there are a lot of details thrown in that makes it best read in order and even more so starting from the "original" series "Sins of the Cities" which takes place 20 years before this one.

The is a bit of overlap of characters between the series mostly in the background but one takes quite the center point in both full length novels - Susan Lazarus. If her last name sounds familiar and her first doesn't it's because we've met her as Sukey, Justin's little helper in "An Unnatural Vice". She matured into one HELL of a woman and I really enjoyed her novel (notice, unlike the previous ones it's a heterosexual relationship).

The first gives as the feel of the times and the characters though it's a very sweet and endearing short novella with a bit of suspense, there are a few important details thrown in though that makes the next two makes more sense. The two full length novels gives us a real arc of action and a big mystery to be revealed with a beautiful complicated relationship buildup in each one.

WONDERFUL HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SERIES but please start with "Sins of the Cities" you WON'T regret it!

0.5 Rat-Catcher's Daughter [Stanislav "Stan" Kamarzyn & Miss Christiana] (Published 25 September 2019) ★★★★½
1. Any Old Diamons [Alexander "Alec" Pyne-ffoulkes & Jerry Crozier] (Published 30 January 2019) ★★★★★
2. Gilded Cage [Susan "Sukey" Lazarus &  Templeton Lane / James Vane] (Published 29 October 2019) ★★★★★

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