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Dragon Chalice - Lara Adrian (originally as Tina St. John)

Dragon Chalice is a Historical / Paranormal Romance series by Lara Adrian. Originally written as  Tina St. John.

Lara Adrian begun writing Historical Romance under the name Tina St. John. Her first books - "Lord of Vengeance" and the "Warrior" series were SUPERB reads. This series started her Paranormal writing, though this, like the previous ones, take place in Medieval times this series also has a "fantastical" element.

I gotta say I wasn't a fan of this series, the books were okay for me, nothing more. I liked the way the series was resolved, especially since I didn't see the way it was going or how it would conclude right to the very end.

For me, the problem was neither the romance nor the action part where "strong" enough. Though there is a big story about the Dragon Chalice - a powerful artifact promising immortality and unimaginable power - neither the chase after it's four pieces nor trying to stop / kill our main villain Silas de Mortaine before he himself gets his hands on it - takes more than a third of each book and is mostly condensed to the end of the book.

The other part of the story is the romance and though in truth that's why I'm here I found the characters a bit unrelatable. I'm not sure if it's the Medieval times or if it's just the characters themselves. The women felt somewhere between too innocent to silly in their actions and the men too detached and down right MEAN at times. They were too selfish and domineering though truth being told I'm not sure if it's just me being too modern in my concept of how a man "suppose" to act. Anyhow it really affected the way I perceived the books and the main reason they weren't a favorite.

I gotta say it's truly a shame as I absolutely LOVED the Historical Romance novels without the Paranormal aspect Lara wrote before these. But I'll admit thinking things through I DID feel both MCs in these were less to my liking that your "typical" modern heroes. I'm not sure why in those it worked for me and here it didn't. I don't even think I mentioned it in my reviews as I accepted the characters as "authentic" to "those times".

1. Heart of the Hunter [Ariana of Clairmont & Braedon le Chasseur "The Hunter"] (Published 1 June 2004) ★★★½
2. Heart of the Flame [Kenrick of Clairmont & Haven] (Published 1 March 2005) ★★★
3. Heart of the Dove [Randwulf of Greycliff & Serena] (Published  29 November 2005) ★★★★

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