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Blue Boy - Garrett Leigh

"Blue Boy" is a Contemporary / Erotica MM Romance series by Garrett Leigh. The series centers around "Blue Boy" Porn Studio, each novella dealing with one (or more) models/dancers. Though it would seem this series be mostly "sleazy" Erotica it's nothing but! The stories are very genuine and heart felt and deal with real life problems, most don't have any connection to their work or even why they chose this profession. 

The installments are quite short, a little over 100 pages and are told from one POV only. It leaves a lot to be desired "HEA-wise". They mostly end in a "Happy For Now" vibe. 

Be advised this series should be read by order. The previous couples make a regular appearance in the sequels with details about their relationship and how it enfolds.. (meaning quite spoiler-y if you haven't read them by order).

Recommended - as are all of Garrett's other novels! 

Not sure if there are going to be more in the series.. we'll see..

1. Bullet [Levi & Sonny] (Published 1 November 2013)   ★★★★½
2. Bones [Cam & Sasha] (Published 5 May 2014)    ★★★★½
3. Bold [Kai & Matthew] (Published 19 August 2014)    ★★★★

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