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Bad Behavior - Cari Z. & L.A. Witt

Bad Behavior is a Romantic MM Suspense series by Cari Z. and L.A. Witt. It follows the newly partnered Andreas Ruffner an experienced if non-orthodox detective and rookie Darren Corliss who has just made it detective. An unlikely couple, yet unlike Andreas' previous partners it somehow WORKS, better than either of them expected.

This series was simply SUPERB. Though both are confident men who know who they are and what they want they were ego free. Once they realized they COULD trust each other and little by little became friends and lovers they were genuine towards one another, not hiding or playing games. It felt so RIGHT how they interacted. Like two guys who REALLY care for one another and isn't ashamed of it, who is willing to BE THERE for one another in the most basic ways and not think too much of what others (or the other..) would think of it. Every thing they did, every gesture was CLEAR and simply PERFECT.

I LOVED how their romance progressed. There's always A LOT going on around them, but they never forget each other. They look out for one another in every sense possible and they are MEN enough to apologize when it's needed.

I can't praise this series enough. It's well written. Emotional but not overly so. Action packed, but it's not JUST about the action, there is much going on in both Andreas and Darren's families and everything just brings them closer together.

** The 5th installment "Protective Behavior" has a different couple - Detective Mark Thibedeau from Internal Affairs and Dr. Ryan Campbell. It was also an amazing novel, it contained everything I loved about the relationship buildup of Andreas and Darren though naturally it's very different in every other aspect.


1. Risky Behavior (Published 29 April 2017) ★★★★★
2. Suspicious Behavior (Published 19 August 2017) ★★★★★
3. Reckless Behavior (Published 30 December 2017) ★★★★★
4. Romantic Behavior (Published 13 January 2018) ★★★★★
5. ** Protective Behavior (Published 8 April 2020) ★★★★★
6. Cuddly Behavior (Published 15 April 2020) ★★★★½

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