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Hey There!
Thanks for visiting my blog! 

My name is Meital, I'm 38 years old from Israel. 

As this is my book review blog it will come as no surprise I'm a reading fiend. Or at least I strive to be. I HATE when life interferes with my reading hehe. I love reading on my Kindle Voyage, enjoying the peace and quiet, my dogs laying around me, my daily concerns disappear as I wander through the words. 

Currently I'm reading almost exclusively romance novels in different sub-genres (most of them LGBTQ). I tend to prefer more mature characters with a realistic feel to the character / plot progression if I have that I'm most unconcerned about the sub-genre. 

My other interests are dogs, I own two, A Great Dane and a Whippet. I'm also active in a pure breed club helping people interested in the breed (or taking / caring for a dog in general). I love everything and anything Makeup. I'm sometimes unconventional in my choices as it's a fun artistic outlet for me. I don't feel obliged to wear makeup everyday I just truly enjoy it. Last but not least I've become a bit addicted to tattoos. Though I didn't actually draw or design my tattoos they are also a part of my artistic character. 

Since English isn't my mother tongue please excuse my unintentional mistakes. 

Feel free to comment, contact me, or follow me on GoodReads. I'd love to hear your opinion on books I've read or books you think I'll also enjoy. I'm open minded and usually don't bite - try me ;)

Here are some things you might find useful:

On the Menu Bar above you can see a drop down by series genre, in each drop down there is a list of the series I've read and summarized. Each page contains information about the series with links to all my book reviews. They're especially detailed on PNR series (just beware of Spoilers in those!). The series with the ♣ symbol are finished (no more books to be published). The series with the ❌ symbol are ones I've abandoned. 

There are also two scroll down menus on the left -  "Authors List" and "Full Series List". Note that the series containing 1-2 books (or ones I abandoned somewhere in the beginning) don't have a dedicated page so if you are looking for something specific it's a good idea to look there. 

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