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A Charm of Magpies - K.J. Charles

A Charm of Magpies is a MUST READ simply FANTASTIC Paranormal Romance series set in Victorian times by  K.J. Charles. The (main) series follows Lucien Vaudrey - Lord Crane and Justiciar and Magic Practitioner Stephen Day.

There are not enough amazing words to describe how much I love and recommend this series. It has everything anyone can wish for. Great romance with a beautiful build up. Banter galore. An interesting setting in Victorian London with more than a little sprinkle of magic. Action and mystery in every book keeping me at the edge of my seat for the mystery to resolve as well as for these two to find their solace together.

GRAB IT NOW! You won't regret it.

In "Jackdaw" we revisit Jonah Pastern who was a sort of a villain in "Flight of Magpies". We understand his reasons for acting the way he did and how he redeemed himself, not only from his action there but his life in general with help and support from Ben - the man he did it all for. It was a treasure of a book as well.

Ned and Crispin are a new couple as well, they have a short novella (of them getting to know each other) and a short novel of them pretty much saving the world.. It takes time in the same timeline as "Jackdaw" each explains why they were pretty much on their own fighting evil with very little help. I didn't really like these two together. They have a lot of potential but at their current state they are barely functioning which I had a difficult time with honestly.

A Charm of Magpies
0.5 The Smuggler and the Warlord (Published 30 November 2013) ★★★★★
1. The Magpie Lord (Published 3 September 2013) ★★★★★
[ 1.5 Interlude with Tattoos (Included in "The Magpie Lord") ]
2. A Case of Possession (Published 6 January 2014  ★★★★★
[ 2.5 A Case of Spirits (Included in "A Case of Possession") ]
3. Flight of Magpies (Published 28 October 2014)  ★★★★★
[ 3.5 Feast of Stephen (Included in "Flight of Magpies") ]
The World of Magpies
Edward "Ned" Hall & Crispin Tredarloe:
A Queer Trade (Rag and Bone prequel) (Published 2 February 2016)  ★★★★
Rag and Bone (Published 1 March 2016)  ★★★
Benedict "Ben" Spenser & Jonah Pastern:
Jackdaw (Published 9 November 2017)  ★★★★★

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