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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

May 2018 Reading List

While April was a CRAZY month I actually read ALMOST EVERYTHING I had planed and truthfully can't remember when THAT happened. This month I'm conflicted.. I have 3 new releases I'm really excited about but that's just my life in books.. I have a few days off (a 3 day trip to London) and A LOT of educational commitments.. I'll start the month with two courses and technically finish with two but that's only because I'm finishing one and starting a new one.. I don't even know what my finishing assignment is going to be and I'm already stressed considering the second course will be close to an end as well.. (with a difficult exam at the end). 

I want to promise myself to read as much as possible, but I SHOULD be studying everyday! Don't think I'll be able to commit to THAT but I'll do my absolute best to make everything work out as best as I can so I can start the summer with a feeling of accomplishment 🙏
[ Yep, ended up moving half of the books to a later date.. oh well.. ]

Statistics (will be filled at the end of the month)
Total Books: 6
Total Pages: 1102
Pages per day: ~36
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♥ Contemporary Romance / New Adult 
♥ Paranormal Romance 

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