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Sunday, October 1, 2017

October 2017 Reading List

Happy Birthday to me! October is my month so my wish for myself is to find the time to do all those things I LOVE doing, including some things I don't really WANT to do but need to do ;)

This week I'll be on a family vocation for a few days (dogs included! YAY!) and later on we have an International Dog Show and after 10 years, I actually got my whole family to come. Really excited about that but it also means I HAVE to work with the dogs.. I planned on doing that at least a week ago but I've been really sick with fever. Isn't there a role about NOT being sick on your birthday? (though I'm mostly okay now). I think it's been almost two weeks since my last coffee.. All I drink is herbal tea.. Which IS nice, but it's not my coffee.. NOPE! 

This month I have a nice assortment of books, First there are 4 new releases - the 4th in the True North series by Sarina (FINALLY Zara's story), a Young Adult by Garrett Leigh which I'm curious about. I LOVE Garrett's books but I'm not a YA fan.. there's a short novella in the THIRDS series, my absolute favorite PNR/UF series, and a close second is the Midnight Breed, also has a short novella. I have two Historical Romance series, one MM the other MF which is actually great! Last month I had one Historical on my list and it reminded me how much I wanted to try out more of this genre so here we are! besides that there are a few Amy Lane's and Mary Calmes' as per (almost) every month. A sneak add is Christina's new novel! I'm adding it here though the review will be published in the beginning of next month ;)


Statistics (will be filled at the end of the month)
Total Books: 11 + 3 DNF
Total Pages: 2515
Pages per day: ~81
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♥ Contemporary Romance / Young Adult 

♥ Historical Romance 
♥ Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy 

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