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Friday, July 1, 2016

June 2016 Recap

This was the worst month EVER for reading (June Goals). I had so much going on in my life I barely had time to sleep and so I was too tired to sit down and read. Also, I might have been less patient with the books I did manage to read.. 

This month I had a lot of things to consider and re-think, about my near future. Considering my studies, instead of trying to finish ASAP, I decided to stretch and make my life a little more relaxing (how I LOVE to stress myself and then whine to myself about having no time..). Also had a thoughts about my single status and what I think about it, I think romance reading makes finding a man quite difficult hehe There are NO men like the ones we read about ;) But THAT I knew before... What I realized is though I WANT a relationship I'm unwilling to compromise at quite a lot. If it means I'll stay alone - so be it. I'm not unhappy, and most of the time it's not on my immediate to-do list (I rather read than go on a date THAT'S for sure!), I'm quite content with my life the way it is.  

Back to books which is why we are here!

Total Read - 5 ebooks (+ 1 DNF) / 1141 pages (~38 pages a day)

I don't mind the fact I've read so little this month, I realized how stressed out I've been from the things that were happening (on the paragraph above I just mentioned things I THOUGHT about not the whirlwind of activity I had..). I was tired, I had less patience to EVERYTHING and EVERYONE and it had a bad influence on me. I think on top of that, not reading as much means I had less "me time" or "alone time" which is something that makes me not very friendly.. Funny enough I do believe reading as much as possible makes me a nicer person when I DO interact with others hehe

★  ★  ★  ★  ★ - Cheers and Shouts for the Favorites -  ★  ★  ★  ★  ★ 
"Dark Sexy Knight" was a surprise publish by Katy Regnery. I've read the first three books in "A Modern Fairytale" not that long ago and LOVED them. Even though the fairytale is known and so you'd think - "predictable", it's NOT. The story, from a modern perspective is simply beautiful. I"m talking about this specific book of The Legend of Camelot, but I'm also referring to the other ones in the series. They are all stand alone novels and are simply a MUST read! Though be advised they are quite angsty.  

"Two Men Walk into a Bar (At Christmastime)" is a short novella also by Katy Regnery. It's mostly aimed for ones who've read "The Vixen and the Vet" (first in "A Modern Fairytale") as well as "After We Break" (previously titled "Playing for Love at Deep Haven"). It contains the two coupled meeting each other and spending Christmas together. It was a sweet short novella. I really enjoyed getting another glimpse of Asher and Savannah. 

"The Hardest Fall" is the 3rd book in the "Roadmap to Your Heart" series by Christina Lee. I CAN'T praise this book enough. There are no more words to be said - I think my review says it all. This book touched me on a personal level. It's a BEAUTIFUL love story, but it also deals with the subjects of acceptance, belonging, it talks about seeing others the way they are and loving them without prejudice or judgment. This book is a MUST READ. There are NO excuses.

▲  ▲ On the Fence ▼  ▼
"Bittersweet" is the first book in Sarina Bowen's new "True North" series. I was SO excited about it, as I usually am with any of her released but sadly it somehow didn't deliver what I was expecting and I'm wondering if it was the book or was it me having less patience and so not dealing very well with my misgivings. Mostly I had a hard time with the detailed farm activity. Both characters were really interesting and I enjoyed getting to see how they resolved their differences but I needed a faster pace I guess. 

"After We Break" by Katy Regnery was suppose to be the first in a series but for some reason the series was cancelled (?) and so the day I put it down (DNFed at 74%) I saw it changed it's name and became a stand alone one. Strange coincidence, right?

Though I've a fan of everything else I've read by Katy I could not for the life of me connect with one of the MCs and so even though I struggled to finish the book I got to the point in which I don't want Zach to end up with Violet and so I put it aside. I liked the idea behind this book, the love rekindled, and I LOVED Zach, he was so sweet and honest (even if he screwed up in the past).

"The Wedding Date" by Katy Regnery was the last book I"ve read this month. It's been a long day and I really wanted to sit down and lose myself in a book but sadly this sweet short novella had exactly the thing to put me off - Young Adults.. Yeah both characters are the SWEETEST thing, and they so deserve each other and happiness, I was just put off by their rather childish behavior in my mind which mostly means insecurities GALORE. It might be totally your thing, but it's one of those things I just CAN'T handle. 

 ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

That's it for this month's Recap. Though I had a few misgivings, I"m looking at this month and everything I had during it and I'm simply happy I managed to read and enjoy my little piece of heaven even if for a short(er) while. 

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