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Friday, July 1, 2016

July 2016 Goals

June was SO damn stressful I do hope July will be proper summer-vocation material, though I know it WOULDN'T be because I have three courses a week (besides my day-job) but I hope nevertheless to have less evening events so I can READ! :)

I have quite a lot this month - about half by Amy, two new novels by authors I absolutely LOVE and a series by Katy I'm also pretty excited to get my hands on. 

    This is the second novel in the True North series, I gotta say I'm really interested to see how this one unfolds, we got to know the MC a little in the first installment and he has quite the road to go through (especially considering his love interest!)

    I've been waiting for a while now for a new book by Garrett. I've read all of her books and I'm really excited to have my hands over this Contemporary MM Romance novel. 

    This is the second part in the Blueberry Lane series. I loved the first one (English Brothers) so I really can't wait to read these :)

    This one ALMOST went under my radar, not sure how THAT happened! Which makes me even MORE excited! I LOVED the two other books in the series. It's so much more than just another Contemporary Romance novels. 

    I'm looking at the overall list and it's SO MUCH FUN realizing ALL of the books are by authors I ABSOLUTELY LOVE! I'm truly excited about every single one of the books here which is why I REALLY REALLY hope I'll actually get to read them all! (Note - no I didn't.. but well, more enjoyable book for the following month to come ;))

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