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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March 2016 Goals

Spring! That's what March is all about in my mind. Though I DO love the winter, cold days to snuggle up in bed, sitting outside in the not-too-warm weather sound really appealing at the moment especially with my current set-up in my new apartment. 

I'm really excited to start reading the second part of Sarina and Elle's MM New Adult Romance! I LOVED the first installment and as I always say about Sarina - everything she writes is GOLD so there was no chance I would have passed this one out anyway :)  

I have a silly confession to make :) a while ago I was trying to remember a certain book a friend of mine told me I recommended to her, she remembered very little of the actual plot so I had a hard time thinking about it (also it was EARLY IN THE MORNING! and I'm NOT a morning person). Her next clue to me was - it's by your favorite British writer! Yeah it got me the right answer! it WAS a book by Garrett :) But I feel embarrassed because mostly the distinction between British and American isn't something I pay a lot of attention to.. It's not that they are the same, but a book taking place in Britain written by an American IS possible.. 
With Garrett, first I add the book on GR, then order or pre-order (if it's available) and only when I'm a second away from starting to read it do I bother to read the synopsis. See, it doesn't really matter. It could be about Unicorns on the moon (probably gay ones hehe) but it can't go wrong.. This one is Contemporary MM Romance, it's more that enough for me. 

I have A LOT of Amy's this month. I'll be finishing Johnnies (which I really enjoyed last month) and reading a bunch more short novellas by her. I love Amy's writing. I also love how diverse it is. Each book / series is SO different and yet always touching. Most of them are somewhere between New Adult and Contemporary MM Romance but with Johnnies it's also on the line of Erotica as well. 

I've been a huge fan of Christina's New Adult series "Between Breaths" so when I heard she is planning a new (MM) NA series I was really excited. I haven't read anything by Nyrae yet so I'm also interested to see how this collaboration work and if I'll be adding more books by her to my endless TBR list.

This short Contemporary Romance novella was a free read awhile back but I didn't have time to read it up until now. 

I've recently got acquainted with Katy's novels and I gotta say I'm enjoying myself SO much! I started with this series, which is fabulous! Hey, who doesn't like a modern fairytale, right? ;) This is the Contemporary Romance take on "Little Red Riding Hood".

I added quite a lot of books this month, but I guess I probably won't get to all of them. I try! I do! Anyhow like every month I'll update this post with the actual books I've read. 

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