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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

November 2015 Recap

Quite an "upside down" month actually. Instead of starting a new routine with my new studies and relaxing into my organized life I realized I have no other choice but to move out of the house I JUST moved into 4 months ago.. yep.. While I DO enjoy organizing my stuff and all that, the whole move is NOT something I was looking forward to, especially since I have to find someone to replace me in the house I'm currently renting. Otherwise it would have been really easy and I would have already moved into a new place..
As it was, the stress this month didn't allow as much reading as I planed in my November Goals and SO desperately needed..

All in all pretty similar to previous month -

Total Read - 13 ebooks + 1 Audiobook / 2591 pages (~86 pages a day)

I had quite a lot of variety this month with my reads, New Adult some MF some MM, Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance and also Paranormal. Some were great surprises, some a bit of disappointing and for sure some favorite I absolutely enjoyed reading.

★  ★  ★  ★  ★ - Cheers and Shouts for the Favorites -  ★  ★  ★  ★  ★

Joanna Chambers is SUCH a favorite. She is definitely an "auto-buy" author. This month I've actually finished all of her published work (with one to be published in the beginning of December, and yep, already Pre-Ordered). "Unforgivable" was a MF Historical Romance I absolutely LOVED. HR is NOT my "go-to" genre and actually I only started reading it after a recommendation for her "Enlightenment" series. While we are talking Victorian times, the heroine was no damsel in distress, she knew what she wanted and had her way of getting it, she didn't plan to fall in love and our hero also didn't think he could fall for someone who mislead him to believe to be his MALE private valet..
"Humbug" was a nice surprise, I didn't even know it was planned to be released but naturally I had to grab it ASAP. Absolutely enjoyed this MM Contemporary Romance novella though I WAS a bit worried that it would be hard to redeem such a douche like our main hero.. Joanna totally did it, and though it's Christmas themed (which I don't celebrate) I related to the whole story in such a surprising way.
Last but not least in this month's reads was "Unnatural" which closed a circle for me. It's a spin off to Joanna's MM Historical Romance "Enlightenment" series - the first I've read by her, and my last remaining book in her published work. This book totally wrecked me. It brought us the heart breaking story of two men who wants each other and no other and while James keep getting his heart broken due to Iain's rejection, Iain is the truly broken one. He wants James but feels as though he can never have him and every time he walks away it's inevitable that he would return, each time making it harder and harder for James accepting him back

I had the MM Paranormal Romance series "Mates" by C. Cardeno for a while on my reading list. I'm really glad I finally had the time to sit and read it. I REALLY enjoyed the 1st and 3rd installments, I love the world Cardeno built and the way the MC came together. Though they are coupled through a bond neither of them had a hand in, it didn't feel "insta-love" and also I loved that though we are talking wolves (shifters) I wasn't annoyed with how the Alphas behaved. I think that's the way I see Alpha's personally, they have it in them, but it's not about aggression, it's about a certain ability and inner strength.

My absolute favorite movie of all times is "The Princess Bride". If you've seen it you probably know why that is. It simply has everything you can ask for in it! So when I've heard Cary Elwes have written a book about his experiences of making the movie I HAD to grab it! While I was considering getting the Hard Cover I realized there's an Audiobook version as well! featuring the actual cast and crew! and that was it! I bought it and started listening to "As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride" - laughing and almost crying, enjoying the whole feel of the movie again. I'm sure I'll be listening to this Audiobook in the future when I feel I'm missing my favorite movie but don't have the actual time to see it.

★ DNF ★ - Cries and Sniffs for the Disappointments - ★ DNF ★
I'm no sports fan but I've already discovered I LOVE reading Hockey themed novels. I thought this one is going to be even better because it's more mature than the regular NA sports / college novel. Yet I was disappointed from "Alex" the first in the Cold Fury Hockey series by Sawyer Bennett. It was telling not showing most of the time and both MC didn't feel genuine to me - Alex being unpredictable in his behavior while Sutton being the "too good to be true" kinda gal who totally got Alex. So sadly this was a DNF at 39% and so I decided not to continue on with the series. 

Usually I'm a fan of Amy Lane's novels which is why I was so surprised I couldn't connect with "It's Not Shakespeare" or more accurately I didn't see the interest both men had in each other. Rafi was a sweet heart but I couldn't stand the way he talked and frankly it was a bit OTT for a literature major (James) not be bothered by it. James was an anti-hero and mostly quite pathetic. I felt sorry for him much more that actually hoping for him to get his HEA.  
I'm NOT taking this disappointment to heart, I have a few of Amy's books planned for next month and a LOT more in 2016 which I'm sure I'm going to enjoy. 

▲  ▲ On the Fence ▼  ▼
The "Bend or Break" series by Amy Jo Cousins started off with SUCH a beautiful story between Tom and Reese in "Off Campus". I was hooked from the start. I loved both MC and their inner struggles and also the way everything was resolved. I was also EXTRA pleased to get the 5th installment - "Real World" - another novel of them a few years later. Exactly like it's name it felt so genuinely real. Being in College is one thing, but managing a relationship as grown ups is different. Yeah most of the problems stay the same, but maybe because of that it's interesting seeing how the relationship holds up. 
So why is this series "on the fence"? because I wasn't that into the other 3 novels in the series. I couldn't connect with at least one of the MC in each novel and so I wasn't that into their HEA. 
I still HIGHLY recommend reading Tom and Reese's romance story in the two installments in the series, but the other ones not so much. You don't really NEED to read them though the MC of the other installments do appear in the last one.

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

I'm not even sure what next month will bring because as it seems I'll STILL be in the house I'm living in now, but hopefully I'll start to pack and so I'll start 2016 in a new place. I hope I'll have time to reflect and bring myself to a better place both physically and mentally.

Enjoy the holidays which ever it is you're celebrating :)

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