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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Yet another blog tour


I don't know what "fell on me" the last few days but I'm all about changes in my blog.
Firstly I added the covers of the books to ALL my series pages. WOW that took a LOT of time, mostly because I don't really know HTML and blogger have been a nightmare to work with :/

So after finishing that task which took quite a long while I realized I'm STILL not pleased with the upper Menu Bar. I mean, the series pages are THE thing I personally look for. When I'm looking for a single book I'll be using the search bar or maybe the author list but series is something I look into constantly. So after thinking and re-thinking about it, I changes the whole thing! Instead of having a page for Paranormal Romance and one for Romance in general I made drop bars for the main genres with the links for the series. 
MUCH BETTER! This way I can go in one click to the series page I want!

The previous series pages had small marks for certain things.. so at the moment I decided to put a lock icon for the series that are finished and X mark for the series I stopped reading. I also totally deleted the series I've read only one book of and don't plan on reading more of. Since it's written on the book review that I'm not continuing and I can't write an opinion about the series after a book (or less) I guess I rather not list them at all.. 

I also added two small things - first, I had to make a genre search (I had to remove the one from the menu bar) so now it's on the right side of the screen. I think it's quite convenient this way. The other thing I did is add a "New Series" Tab on the Menu Bar. It's a bit stupid since it's mostly for my own use but, well, I wanted someplace to write the series I haven't made a page for.. (either because only one book was published or I managed only one and will be continuing in the future). In the previous settings I had them listed on the series page. I think this would be better to have them separately. 

I'm still contemplating what to do with the author list. I don't like the fact it's on a separate page you have to navigate to, I rather have the whole list somehow on display by I'm not sure at the moment how to do that! I'll leave this one for now..

So that's it for the change-fest. I hope this way would be more useful to myself as well as for anyone who reads my blog. 


Update! I discovered a way to make a drop down widget for the authors list! it's on the upper right side bellow the general search button. Only this is, I wonder if it's convenient looking for an author by his/her first name... I'll have to think about it as well...

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