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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Feeling Less Hopeless, Kinda..

Well, after yesterday's post I decided to organize my reading for 2015, yeah, we have a few months till we actually get there, yet with the amount of books I add every week I think it's better to organize it now then try and sort it out 4 months  from now with a whole lot more books.. 

When I looked at my readings in 2013 I saw I read round 100+ pages a day, so for 2014 I thought 110-120 will be great. I planned each month to have round 3600 pages (in however many books it works out). I mostly organize series in a certain month so I won't forget any books in the middle and books I know will be published in a certain date. This way I have the whole year mapped out (OCD someone? ;)). 

Naturally every month I do a little revisions with books I "forgot" to add or things I wanted to read sooner rather than later and the other way around. In each beginning of a month I look at what I have read, write my monthly recap and put out my monthly goals for the following month (based on what I planned in the beginning of the year).

I think I mostly read what I planned so I guess you can say this system works for me, yet I had two problems - first one, I don't usually read 120 pages a day in average. I had a busy half a year and I didn't achieve my goals which kinda sucked and also meant more moving books around in my virtual monthly shelves. Second thing is, sometimes I REALLY want to find the time to read something. A book that came out this month, a great recommendation I JUST received or I CRAVE to re-read a certain book, you know how it is, yet when I have a plan for each month I MIGHT be able to squeeze this one book in the next month but then I have to move things accordingly so it becomes more complicated... 

I know that most people just read randomly but I can't do that with the amount of books on my list, especially since looking at the books now I can't remember what they are about, not even what genre.. Yeah, there isn't such a thing as "too many books" but with THAT many I get confused.. 

So my new system for 2015 goes like this - I'm going back to my 2013 module - 100~ pages a month. If I finish up my reading before the month is over I have a "bonus read" from my never ending reading list. It means I'll probably finish the books on my monthly list (because it's quite a reasonable amount of pages per day) so I won't have to move around books I'll just add more if I have the time and desire.

So I picked up round 130 books for 2015. I'll read more than that for sure, since I don't add to this list re-reads I listen to as Audio Books and I hope that I will read a little bit more with my "bonuses".

Looking at what I planned I think I'm quite pleased, I have all the books I REALLY wanted to read and some I remembered I was interested in, I have a few I'm not sure when will be out in 2015 so those I'll have so squeeze in whenever I see they have a publish date. 

You can find my monthly plan on my GoodReads shelves (categorized by months), my list of "optional" / "bonus" / "next year" books are listed under "Considering" (didn't have any better name for it :P). When looking at the list, it seems like there aren't a lot left, yet since I only add the first book in each series it's a quite misleading.. the 65 books in my "Considering" list actually consists of close to 200 books..

That's it for my update. I'll be returning to "Special Forces" by Aleksandr Voinov. It's quite a difficult read even though it's really good. I also should tidy up the house a little bit, looking at how I organize my books I'm sure I give the WRONG impression on how tidy I am in "real" life. Let's just say that I'm mostly a mess until I get an itch then I revert to my overly obsessive organization freak. Yet, when it concerns the house, I'm never THAT freakish.. 

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