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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Take a tour :)

I've sat most of this weekend and worked on this blog. It was hard work but I must say, I'm quite pleased with how it turned out :)

I still have much to do (besides writing two reviews :P) but mostly, I feel right uploading more posts here now that it's organized.. yeah, I have this thing with organization.. 

So take a look around -

I made a smart bar on the top with a lot of options - 

(1) Review by Genre - basically gives you a list of all posts written on a certain genre. 

(2) Search by Author -  A page with a list of all the authors I have reviewed with a link to my reviews.  

(3) Series Page - This is something I REALLY want to work on and perfect. Right now it's "half way through".. I have 3 main pages/links - 2 for Romance ("Realistic" and "Paranormal") and another for non-Romance series. 
On each page all the series I've read are listed by genre. 
Right now there are links from each series to my reviews and you can also click on the author name and  get all their works (including stand-alone books).
In the future I want for each series to have a page with information about the series and links to all books in the series. 
It will take me awhile but I'll get there :)

(4) Monthly Recap/Goals - I LOVE doing those monthly posts. Makes me think each month what I want to read and then think about all I've read and what I thought. So I decided to put links to all of these if you're interested. I guess the monthly Recap is more of use to others and it's sure fun to write! :)

(5) More - Not a very original title but I had no inspiration at that moment.. that's just things I basically didn't know where to put... 
Both Novella and Anthology are great options when you are looking for something short to read. Also added my DNF books. I hope I won't have more in this category.. :/ last but not least books I've Re-Read

(6) Off Topic - That's how I intend to catalog posts about my life in general, my dogs and other things I'm interested in. 

(7) About Me - Still haven't written anything in there but well, I was too busy working on all the other staff :P

On the sides I added both my GoodReads and Twitter feed and also a bit of fun staff like my Currently Reading feature,  Recently Read books and Reading Challenge. I started a Board a while back in Pinterest, I SHOULD continue doing it (and fixing all the links to this blog instead of BookLikes... (my god I feel a headache coming...) 

Really hope you'll find all these things helpful and naturally my reviews :) I have a lot of reviews to fix from when I started writing reviews and kept them (too) short and not informative enough I guess I'll probably Re-Read them in the future and correct them, at least the 5 stars one I missed when I was copying all my reviews (Yeah, I did that MANUALLY, for all 186 of them...)

So that's it! Feel free to leave a comment, like so I'll know I'm not totally alone in front of the screen "talking" to myself :P

Bye now! :)

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