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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Let's start in the beginning!

Hey there! This is my first post in this blog!

I was reluctant to open a new blog since I've "been there, done that" yet actually I've been managing a blog for the past six months through BookLikes. 

I love the idea of a Book Blog. I don't know why I haven't considered it before BookLikes came into my life but well, since I'm reluctant about something else as well - maintaining two book inventories - I decided to open a new blog for my books and update my book inventory only on GoodReads.

I'm not sure what this blog will entail except for books. I used to have a personal blog (years and years ago) as well as a makeup and beauty blog (not THAT long ago) where I also updated a little about my personal life (mostly about my dogs :P)

So feel free to follow me, here, on Twitter and GoodReads, I'll be updating books I've read, listened to or planning to read and how it all went (I publish a post with an overall review of all I've read each month) 

I'll probably be adding my previous reviews from 2014 since I'm a little OCD - prefer having all 2014 in one place :P

So let's do this! 

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