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The Mannies - Amy Lane

The Mannies is a Contemporary / new Adult Romance series by Amy Lane. It's quite unique with each book on of our MCs being the Manny, for the other or for a close friend. The books are short and sweet. I wish with all of them they were longer and brought us simply MORE.

The first two books are "gen 1" with the 3rd and 4th with the kids we've met in the first two and have grown up since then to find their own Manny ;)

And I gotta say that though there are kids involved, IMO they don't take up a lot of page space interfering with the romance between the two MCs which I truly appreciated.

1. The VIrgin Manny [TIno Robbins & Channing Lowell] (Published 1 January 2017) ★★★★★
2. Manny Get Your Guy [Taylor Cochran & Brandon Grayson] (Published 1 July 2017) ★★★½
3. Stand By You Manny [Sammy Lowell & Cooper Hoskins] (published 1 May 2018) ★★★★
4. A Fool and His Manny [Dustin Robbins-Grayson & Quinlan Gregory] (Published 17 July 2018) ★★★★★

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