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Mangrove Stories - Mary Calmes

Mangrove Stories is a series of short Contemporary MM novellas by Mary Calmes. The novellas are mostly friendship turned to lovers in the small town of Mangrove. As the series progressed the community, and the characters from each novels reappear and makes us feel at home in the small sleepy town. I really enjoyed getting to know ALL of them, the MCs as well as the other supporting characters. 

It's a sweet comfort read really. Each novella is short but mostly feels like it tells a full story. It won't take you long to read neither of them and it would reward you with a stupid smile at the end. I found all of them to be endearing. 


1. Blue Days [Dwyer Knolls & Takeo Hiroyuki] (Published 5 November 2014) 
2. Quiet Nights [Kelly Seaton & Cosimo Renaldi] (Published 9 February 2015) 
3. Sultry Sunset [Hutch Crowley & Mike Rojas] (Published 15 May 2015) 
4. Easy Evenings [Lazlo Maguire & Britton Lassiter] (Published 18 November 2015) 
5. Sleep Till Sunrise [Essien Dodd & Roark Hammond] (Published 16 December 2015) 

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