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Heart of Montana - Katy Regnery

Heart of Montana is a Contemporary Romance series by Katy Regnery (the first books she published), all taking place in the sweet small town of Gardiner. It mostly tells us of the Lindstrom family - Starting with the youngest in the family - Jenny, and  moving on to her three older brothers. Besides these there are two more stories, one an almost outside short novella (though one of the MCs DOES appear in the first and last installments for a short part, liked her better in the last one) and another of Paul who is almost a part of the Lindstrom family as it is (looking like one too!). 

I loved Gardiner, loved the way the town was described, wished I was there at Maggie's cafe enjoying a cup of coffee while reading these books :) 

My absolute favorite was the last one of Nils and Maggie. But I also really enjoyed Jenny and Erik's books (1st and 3rd). 

1. By Proxy [Jenny Lindstrom & Sam Kelley] 
    (Published 22 September 2013) ★★★★★
2. The Christmas Wish [Tess Branson & Lucas Flynn] 
    (Published 27 October 2013) ★★★½
3. Midsummer Sweet [Erik Lindstrom & Katrin Svenson] 
    (Published 10 February 2014) ½
4. See Jane Fall [Lars Lindstrom & Jane Mays] 
    (Published 28 March 2014) 
5. Meeting Miss Mystic [Paul Johansson & Zoe (Holly) Flannigan] 
    (Published 26 June 2014) ★ (DNF 55%)
6. What Were You Expecting? [Nils Lindstrom & Maggie Campbell] 
    (Published 8 September 2014)  ★★★★★

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