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Fish out of Water - Amy Lane

Fish out of Water is Romantic Suspense series by Amy Lane. The series focuses on PI Jackson Rivers and Defense attorney Ellery Cramer. Jackson is a former cop. After almost getting killed because of corrupt cops he leaves the Police to work as a PI in an attorney at law company a close friend of his works for. There he meets Ellery who SEEMS like a rod is stuck up his ass, but once they work together they each discover in one another something quite special. The series progresses not only on their growing friendship and relationship but also on the crimes they solve (or try to solve) together.

*** In the 2nd installments we get a visit from Sonny and Ace, a couple from a stand alone novel by Amy  - "Racing For the Sun". In the 3rd installment we get introduced to a new couple Lee Burton and Ernie Caulfield, as a crossover from that book, with the 4th installment being all about them as the front couple. I have an issue with both Sonny and Ernie being a MC in a romance novel. I ranted enough about it in my review of "A Few Good Fish" which is why I won't read "Hiding the Moon".

Hopefully Amy returns to herself for a wonderful 5th installment as I've enjoyed the first two and am hopeful for this series to continue to be what it was in the beginning.

1. Fish out of Water (Published 29 July 2016) ★★★★½
2. Red Fish, Dead Fish (Published 4 August 2017) ★★★★★
3. A Few Good Fish (Published 28 August 2018) ★★
*** 4. Hiding the Moon (Published 23 October 2018)

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